Meet Tom Fallwell

Meet Tom Fallwell


TOM FAllwellHi Readers Everywhere! Normally I need to ask lots of questions. You know? Draw the person out, make-them-talk! So to speak! Not this guy! Here’s some fabulous info to get you started learning all about this most wondrous author and friend of mine.

Not only do I think he is just the coolest, but I’m way grateful to him. He is helping me get my start in SF and WOW! What a fun ride it is turning out to be. Now, before I forget there is info at the end concerning an event Tom is having. I hope you’ll not only have a look at the info, but while you’re at it, click going, or at the very least interested so you can learn all about even more amazing writers. And now, without further ado…

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Meet Tom Fallwell, an author and storyteller of action and adventure in worlds undreamed of. Tom is a 65-year-old, retired software developer that has been creating worlds and stories for decades, but only has begun to record those tales and characters that fill his mind. The author of a trilogy introducing the reader to the fantastic world of Hir and his Rangers of Laerean series, Tom is now branching out into science-fiction and a blend of genres called science-fantasy.

His Rangers of Laerean trilogy consists of three highly acclaimed books: A Whisper in the Shadows, Where Shadows Fall, and The Shadow of Narwyrm. All three books are available in digital formats as well as in Paperback, and can be found at most online retail outlets. Tom also has a store on his website for purchasing his books, and you can often find special bargains there.

Here are some places where you can find Tom Fallwell and follow, like or subscribe to keep up with his writing. He is also currently writing a serial story for SciFan Magazine called, Stormguard: The Invisible War, for which you can find the first three episodes in the January, February and March issues of the magazine.

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*** Did I not tell you all this guy was awesome? Is he not just the coolest ever? Now…Want to see him in action? Live and in person? Well, he has an event going on right this minute! And if you’re late to the party he’s going to leave it up for a while so everyone has a chance to explore the worlds in which he and his SF friends live!!!

What? The Ides of March…

When? Why, on March 15TH of course…


Brought to you by the one! The only!

Tom Fallwell

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  2. Thanks, Patty. You’re pretty cool yourself. 🙂

    1. Well, I guess that all depends upon who you ask, 🙂 but thanks. I learned allot in that event yesterday and even though I flagged there toward the end I had allot of fun participating and following all day. I’m but an amiture but am hopeful to learn and maybe one day will finish my Lady MoonWalker series and turn it into a book. I hope you’ll read the stand alone A Korponious Christmas. It is my favorite!

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