Meet My Fellow #VIPOnlineToastmasters

Meet My Fellow #VIPOnlineToastmasters

Introducing some of our VIP Online Toastmasters.
You may see a few names you recognize here.
We’d love to have you join us.
We meet each Sunday at 3:30 PM eastern.
Free! Fun! and Entertaining!
Find all the meeting info and more here:

Now, here are a few of my fellow VIP Online Toastmasters friends.

Brandon Murphy

Candy Weinper

Casey Mathews

Cindy Ray

Dennis Sumlin

Don O’Callaghan

Jeff Bishop

Jennifer Ross

Jeremy Levy

Jim Pelfrey

Joe Roan

Joe Roan

Kirsten French

Neva Fairchild

Neva Fairchild

Niamh Trihy

Patty Fletcher

Randall Crosby

Ridda Murphy

Roshunda Holt

Susie Stanzel

Tonia Fulford

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