Medication to take or not to take part two dictated

Medication to take or not to take part two dictated

Good morning Campbell’s World Visitors! Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night, and realized that you simply are not going to go back to sleep? Ever felt like you were the only person on the earth doing this? If you are up in the middle of the night, and you are seeing this post right now, you are not alone. Insomnia affects many people for many different reasons. At the present time, I am rapid cycling. If you have read my first book Campbell’s Rambles
You know what rapid cycling is. At the moment, the biggest reason for this other than some stress I am currently dealing with, is my medication. For whatever reason, it is not working correctly. I am working hard, every day, to overcome what is happening to me until I can see my doctor. As it would turn out, I have the date wrong for that physical, so I will be calling them today to make certain of when I am to be there. This is one appointment I don’t want to miss.

I am dealing with many things in my life at this time that frustrate me. Lack of a correctly working computer is only one of many! Lack of paid employment is another. Situations affect me in an adverse way at times. This is one of those times. I work myself into exhaustion trying to do what needs doing in my life each day. One would think, The concept of “a tired dog is a good dog” would translate to, “a tired Patty is one who sleeps” WRONG ANSWER!!!! My mind is so full, that even the three hours asleep I did get, were filled with pieces, and parts, of fragmented dreams. So, the idea, while A good one to be sure, did not work for me. So, here I am up in the night.

As if having a full roaring mind or not enough, I am also dealing with volcanic hot flashes! Night sweats! Followed by, bouts of shivering chills! Are we having fun yet? No! But, I ended up with a blog post. Campbell got to go park and get his ears rubbed in the middle of the night, so all is not lost. Just sleep. What is sleep? I don’t know. Maybe one day, or night, I will find out. This night, it is not happening.

Thank you, or reading with me. For visiting me in The wee hours,may you be truly blessed.

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