Medication issues! Dictated: to take or not to take?

Medication issues! Dictated: to take or not to take?

For those of you who know me, I am certain that title gives you calls to be concerned. I have to let you know there is no need. Yes I am having medication issues. No, I do not plan to go off medications without a doctors assistance.

As I get older, I find, I am becoming harder to medicate. I am finding that I am suffering from side effects due to medications once again. Something in my body or about the medication has changed. I am once again experiencing serious night sweats, severe morning nausea, sleeping in Normas amount during the day, and I find my concentration level is dropping rapidly.

Having these issues, causes great challenge for me throughout my day. It causes me to have issues it in my home with completing tasks due to the effect this is having on my short-term memory loss issues. It causes me to have to be extra cautious when working Campbell while in the heavy traffic, or crowded areas. I am not going to take myself off of any medications, but I do believe a consultation with Dr. is in definite order.
If you have read post such as rescued, or the truth really is Raw found here on this blog, you know that I have had troubles with medications causing the issue in my every day life before.

It is my desire to write about this as I am going through it. So that others will know, they are not alone when dealing with such issues. Those of us who suffer from multiple disabilities or illnesses, find many things during each day of our lives to be very challenging. For me, some days, something as simple as going to my local grocery store picking up a few items and coming home can be a great challenge, but it is one I take happily. I know, that I am fortunate, to have the rights, and privileges, I do. Having the right, to go out and about with my Seeing Eye dog guide is a wonderful thing that I will never take for granted. Having him as I do is a privilege. One that I am greatly thankful for. So I want to make certain I am as healthy as I can be so I can continue to do the things I love to do and to grow and improve my life each day.

I foresee a few harder times ahead. I believe I will face a medication adjustment or change in the very near future. Not looking forward to this, but in a way I am. Because it will, in the end, help things settle, and become easier for me once again.

As you can see from reading my blog, you know that I always try, to find something funny, amusing, and educating, in all of my experiences. I expect this to be no different. So, I invite you, Campbell’s world visitors! Two, come along with Campbell and me, and let us see what we can see.
Blessid be!

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