Mayday Magnificence #Facebook#Live#Event

Mayday Magnificence #Facebook#Live#Event

Good morning good morning good morning!

Here is wishing everyone a magnificent Monday and a wonderful week.

Speaking of magnificent don’t forget about our event coming up on Friday, May 1 starting at 5 PM Eastern.

This event will go all weekend long.

We are not just gathering to promote. This event is for everyone to come together find some fun and have a little enjoyment with one another.

So we invite you to click and join today.

If you do a little self promotion along the way that’s OK.

Click and join today


  1. I’ll be coming to the event – just have to click on that link and let you know.
    I’ll be thinking of what I can share with everyone. Right now, I am spending entire days working on sorting through decades of photographs and parceling them out into envelopes to share with family members. It is time to begin passing them on. But as I look at each photo, there is a story there in that little 3 x 5 space.

    1. Hi Lynda.

      I’m so glad you’re coming. Please do invite family and friends. This event is for all and it’s not only about promoting.

      We’re going to have a great all-weekend-long party.

      We’re going to tell stories, share memories, cheer everyone up and enjoy ourselves.

  2. Reblogged this on SCAN-a-BLOG and commented:
    Inviting you to come and join the fun on this 3-day event.
    I’ll be posting some stories and poems and lots of great photography to go with them. Hope you can stop by.

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