May favourites – fragrance, sushi, and lots of mangos!

May favourites – fragrance, sushi, and lots of mangos!

Never knew there was a “Hair Mask” Got to try it, and love all things skin care as well.
Don’t do make-up, but love taking really good care of my skin, and hair.

I’ve long, thik hair, and I love it.

I get a lot of comments from folks who for whatever reason seem to disapprove of “Older Women” with long hair.

Let me just say…
Different strokes for different folks.

I love my hair, and… Lots of guys do too.

Thanks for sharing, and blessed be.

Source: May favourites – fragrance, sushi, and lots of mangos!


  1. Hair is the best!!! Longer the better for whatever age as long as it is clean and looks nice, why not? Perhaps they are jealous.

    1. I’ve often wondered that.

    2. I enjoy my long hair, and I also get pleasure in learning new ways to style it. Putting it up in different ways etc. I also have had folks of late making comments on how good my skin is. I really don’t do much except try and keep it clean, and moisturizer. I do not wear make-up because I just never wanted to fool with it, and I had a CNA tell me yesterday while she was helping me shower, that she was amazed that I had no stretch marks. Had a guy say that to me not long ago too. He was amazed because I used to weigh so much and have lost it and had very few. I have one thing to say. CoCo Butter! Swear by it.

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