Mary R Woldering – Ides of March Event

Mary R Woldering – Ides of March Event

 Hi Readers Everywhere! Today we have for you yet another author from our the Ides of March FB Event.

We’ll have all the How To See Info at the end, so make sure to look for it.

First, let’s find out… Just who is this most fascinating author?

And, what makes her tick?


I am Mary R. Woldering, writer of Mystical History (Or Historical Fantasy) series Children of Stone. I have been a costumer, student of wisdom but never a master, a companion, a  very old soul, Wise MaMa, Crone (not your sweet lil’ old granny) – I’m brash, volatile, vital & out of control. I’m wise in life but my lifelong search for peace has never cooled my jets. I’m a spiritualist and spirit hunter but down to earth and often salty. I thirst for more life and new adventures and hope I live on this plane forever or until a better opportunity comes. At one time I was cataloguing what I called “past lives and connections” I still have all the notes and many of the drawings. I’ve written them into this series.

My old identity song was “Little Old Lady from Pasadena” except I drive like the stereotypical grandmother.  I’m happily married to Dr. Jackie, mother of Ruth & Thom,  Inlaw (outlaw) to Phil and Romelyn, granny to Joey, Sam & Estelle and caretaker of 3 cats.

In my Children of Stone series, I teach what I have seen in my dreams…many times what I saw became prophecy. 100 years ago I would have been in a madhouse.
I have published the first 3 of a 5 book series.
The blurb:

Walk into history with MARAI: a humble, goddess-worshipping shepherd who becomes a god!

Voices in Crystal (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 1), Going Forth By Day (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 2) and (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 3) Opener of the Sky

Remnants of an alien race of gods, wizards, shape-shifters, heroic mortals, immortals, slowly transform into the gods of ancient days. Like ancient superheroes, they wander through the reality of legend, RESHAPING myth and history.

And It just MOVES!

It entertains, it romps, It leaps, IT HOWLS and it’s just plain fun.

Palace intrigue, murder, madness, confusion, bizarre twists and plot turns…dangerous hookups, evil geniuses, punk sorcerers, traitors…

I’m working on:
Book 4 Children of Stone – Into the Lotus and a steampunk crime spinoff novella with two Children of Stone Characters visiting another life called “Miss Hattie and the Hoppers”

What’s your favorite song right now? I like “Helios” by Matenrou Opera. It’s a Visual Kei song (Japanese glam/metal) I enjoyed their concert because the young men in the group look like cartoons or angels and work with orbs.

I took so much of my writing from the lyrics of Doors songs, because I used to play that music when I meditated. I would visualize things when I did.

“The Crystal Ship”

“The End”

“When the Music’s Over” especially though … the song about ME “Wild Child” because she’s still inside me.
All right

Wild child, full of grace

Savior of the human race
Your cruel face

Natural child, terrible child
Not your mother’s or your father’s child
You’re our child, screamin’ wild

An ancient lunatic reigns
In the trees of the night
Ha ha ha ha

With hunger at her heels
Freedom in her eyes
She dances on her knees
Pirate prince at her side
Starin’ into the hollow idol’s eye

Wild child, full of grace
Savior of the human race
Your cruel face
Your cruel face
Your cruel face

You remember when we were in Africa?

That’s well…Just Awesome! So, tell us about your books? What are their names? What are they about? What is it that will make me want to read? And…Where can they be found?

The Mystery of Ancient Egypt wrapped in a speculative and fantastic ride through history, mythology and magic. Experience:

1)Voices in Crystal 2)Going Forth By Day 3)Opener of the Sky 4) Late 2017 – Heart of the Lotus

Like ancient superheroes, those touched by the Children of Stone wander through the reality of ancient legends, RESHAPING myth and history.
Unforgettable people and their stories of mysticism, magic and never-ending love.

Walk with those who once became gods.

Last but not least, where can our readers go to learn more about you?

WOW! That’s really neat stuff! You’re a pretty busy lady! Speaking of busy, we here in CAMPBELLSWORLD understand there’s to be an event?

Can you tell us all about it?

What? The Ides of March…

When? Why, on March 15TH of course…


Brought to you by the one! The only! Tom Fallwell

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  1. Nicely done. I signed up to follow you, too!

    1. Lady Laya MoonWalker here! Would love it if you’d take the time to have your character actually introduce themselves. We’re are after all one day from the event, and really should get more folks interested. I have shoved my creator to the back for now, and have come completely forward in life, and am making my presents known. Blessid Be for a wondrous event!
      Role play is quite important. 🙂

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