Make Marriage More Blissful With These Tips by @Jena R Fellers

Make Marriage More Blissful With These Tips by @Jena R Fellers

10 Quick and Powerful Actions with Long-lasting Effect to Build an “Out-of-this-World” Marriage

Remember the fluttering heart when becoming engaged? How about the shortness of breath and trembling hands, mixed with anticipation on the big wedding day?

I mean, you are “in love” after all. Those dreams tucked inside for a fantasy-filled future let you view your spouse as someone who can’t do anything wrong.


One year later, your mate can’t do anything right, and you find yourself wishing you had received a marriage manual as a wedding gift.

I sure wish I had a marriage manual when marrying my knight in shining armor who had custody of his two teenagers. However, if I had known what lay in our future, I may have backed out.

Likewise, if he had known the impact of my vision loss and total blindness, he would’ve bailed.

Thank God, He meant for us to be together, has been the center of our relationship, and guided us into ministry.

While we may desire marriages to be as beautiful as the wedding itself, disappointments arrive from not knowing what to expect. Unhappiness replaces fantasies, often leading to divorce.

A marriage manual might not exist, but there are plenty of nuggets that could help marriages build love and plenty of happiness.

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