Magee’s Trick or Treat

Magee’s Trick or Treat

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Campbell’s World Visitors!

Here’s a spooky story to start off our Halloween season. We hope you enjoy this story. Our friend Stephen Halpert is a fabulous storyteller. We have other stories by him. That tell other tails)tales about this peppy mystery solving pooch!

If you like this one, let us know. We will post others. The author, has given his permission. Thank you have a great day.

Magee Goes Trick or Treat, Part 1.

Stephen Halpert

It’s me, Magee, the nine year old Silky Terrier and dog detective for our local police department. There’s funny stuff in the air as Halloween draws near, as every dog’s nose knows. Regardless, I had no idea of what else was right around the corner.

Sippi was in the kitchen talking on the phone. I was watching old reruns of my short-lived TV show Dig Dog Dig. Ku seemed to be sleeping on the love seat by the window.

Suddenly Sippi’s voice got loud. “For Halloween, You’re throwing a party here in town at the Inn? But Aunt Bea why not at a hotel in Worcester, or maybe Providence or even as far away as New Haven? Of course I want you to visit and meet Magee. I just don’t want to lose my job in the process.”

I knew Aunt Bea’s smoking pot worried Sippi. She talked about it enough, even to me. She hung up the phone.

Ku, the Siamese cat that has lived with us since Officer Charley Chico died blinked at me and yawned. Then into my mind came one of Ku’s confusing messages. Since I didn’t understand meow talk this is how he always communicated with me. “What once was then is something new. What will be new is ancient too.”  Made no sense to me. I’m not a feline philosopher, just a dog. I shook my head and went looking for Sippi.

“Magee,” Sippi was in the kitchen. “Aunt Bea’s coming for a visit. She’ll be staying here with us and wants to throw a Halloween party at the Inn.”

I wagged my tale and yipped.  I had always wanted to meet Aunt Bea. Sippi had said how if she liked me she’d spoil me with treats.

The phone rang again. Sippi sighed and went to pick it up.

I yawned. I had no idea what Ku was trying to tell me. I looked at Sippi and wondered when we could go for our walk. I was tired of watching the DVD of myself outrun a rabbit and then dig up lost documents in the parking lot behind our historic city hall. Marjorie, my late owner before Sippi, had always told me not to let my fame go to my head.

So I try to be all business, especially when we’re walking through police headquarters to Sippi’s office. Since I’d helped her solve the celebrated cold case last year, she had been promoted. Now she had a small office of her own off the squad room. It was just big enough for her desk and chair, a file cabinet and for me to have a pillow on a folding chair near the window.

She picked up the phone. “What do you want Raven?  Yes I know she’s coming.” Then Sippi raised her voice and I knew I had better pay special attention.

“All right Raven. I hear you. Let me suggest a truce during Aunt Bea’s stay. I won’t bit your head off, and you won’t make insipid suggestions as to how one day I’ll be your little woman. Raven, that’s just not going to happen.”

Then she listened, tapped her foot, and frowned. “Thank you. I’m glad you’ll pick her up at the airport. That’s saves me a drive into Boston.” She sighed and stood up. “And no, not tomorrow for dinner, not next weekend, not anytime. If you want to share an afternoon with me, accompany me and Magee to the range.”

He must have said something to upset her even more because her voice got very sharp. “Yes I know you’re ok with most handguns but practice is important even for a deadeye dick glory FBI guy like you.”

I hated going to the police range. The sound of shooting hurt my ears and made my head ache.

Raven must have known that. The next thing Sippi said was, “I don’t care if Magee likes the range or not. When we’re together I want him along as my chaperon. He makes me feel safer and I know I won’t swoon over your affectionate double talk. This isn’t California. We’re not playing pro ball any more, remember?  It’s a different world since we got injured and you left me high and dry, running off with that bimbo.”

I yawned and looked at Sippi giving her my best couldn’t-you-get-off-the- phone whine. She caught my message. “Ok Magee, I’ll be off right away, then you’ll get your after-dinner walk.”

I yipped and wagged my tail.

“Thanks again for picking Aunt Bea up, Raven. Stay safe.” She hung up.

Then the phone rang again.

“Yes, Chief Mallory,” Sippi said. “I’m here at home. What? There was a commotion on the Common?”

I perked up my ears. That was right around the corner from Sippi’s condo.

She picked up my leash. “Something’s happened. Screams were heard. Mallory wants us there before the Staties trample any evidence you might find.”

Local officers were standing near the bandstand when Sippi and I got to the Common. Several of them laughed when Sippi took me off leash. Paying them no attention, I bolted around trying to smell what wasn’t supposed to be there. It didn’t take long.

 I sniffed something under the bandstand. I yipped and wagged my tail. Sippi was by my side. She used her bright flashlight to light up the area. Wedged under the bandstand was a bloody human head. Its thick hair was matted in blood. Sippi pointed it out to one of the cops who scraped it out and into an evidence bag.

The church clock began to strike midnight.

I sniffed. There was something more. I brushed against Sippi, caught her attention and jumped back. “You want me to follow you Magee?”

I yipped, held the scent and followed it. I crossed the street and ran to the lawn of the library where it grew stronger. There way under the bushes near the front door was a body with no head. I wondered if this had anything to do with what Ku had tried telling me.

(To be continued) 


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