Magee Goes Trick or Treat Part 11

Magee Goes Trick or Treat Part 11

Stephen Halpert


Raven got up from the floor, ruefully rubbing his head. “Oh Sippi, I am so sorry.”

“Looks like you never saw it coming. I have a feeling we are dealing with hunters who know to sneak up on their prey.” Suddenly she sniffed. “What do I smell?” She went over to the bed and picked up a rag. She held it out, “Chloroform! No wonder he didn’t bark to alert the nurse.”

Dick Pride scribbled furiously in his notebook. “What a story this will make.” His voice was gleeful.

Sippi looked at him sternly. “Remember, not a word until we catch them and it’s all over. Then you can go for your Pulitzer prize.”

“Oh I promise,” Dick said, “I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt our Magee.

Mallory looked at Raven. “Jones, go home and go to bed, you could even have a concussion. You’ve got a nasty wound. Have the nurse check it out before you leave.”

“Yes, sir,” Raven said. He looked at the nurse; she nodded and led him out to an examining room.

“I have go back to the station and keep an eye on things,” Mallory said.

Sippi turned to Dick.  “Maybe it’s time to do some snooping around. Let’s go check out this Grace Divine character.”

Dick’s eyes lit up. “I’ll do whatever I can to be helpful,” he said eagerly.

“Well the first thing we’re gonna do is go get some coffee and breakfast,” Sippi said, eyeing his slender frame. They drove to Starbucks, took a booth and ordered.

“That was good,” Dick said, as he finished up a large order of eggs, bacon and home fries.

Sippi stirred her coffee and looked thoughtful. “Once we get there, we’ll have to be very careful. We don’t want them to think we suspect anything. You get out your notebook and pen as you exit the car, and I’ll walk behind you as we approach them.”

Dick nodded. I’ll just say I’m coming to interview them about the incident at the Inn,”

“Yes, that’s the idea,” Sippi said. She paid the bill and they took Dick’s car so as to alert the suspects to their identity. Dick parked at the beginning of Wild Witch Road. A light snow made the ground crunchy under foot.’

“I hope there’s no reception committee,” he said remembering those shots when he had come the first time for the newspaper.

“Me too,” Sippi said, as they made their way slowly toward the ramshackle property. She shook her head. “That rusty old truck doesn’t look as if it could ever go anywhere, and there are no obvious signs of life.”

Dick pointed to the slight incline where the barn was located. “The motorcycle is gone. It was just there last time I was here.”

Sippi indicated some fresh tire tracks in the snow. “Perhaps that was how they captured Magee.”

I heard about all this afterward. While they were searching for the crooks, and as the motorcycle carrying me sped down the highway, I began to come to.  It was Margery’s voice that woke me. “Magee, Magee, wake up,” she said. Over and over she said it as I made my way back from the fog that had wrapped itself around my senses.

The light was dim, but through the basket that held me I could see lights from traffic as we whizzed past them. I didn’t know where I was going but I knew I had to get out. Suddenly the top of the basket was lifted and I felt Margery’s arms around me. Next thing I knew I was by the side of the road and the motorcycle was a distant sound down the highway.

          It was cold. I was shivering. Then a car stopped and someone got out. I was tempted to run, but Margery’s voice in my head said, “No Magee, this will be a friend. Don’t worry.”

          “Hey Magee,” it was Jenkins. I remembered him from the time I was kidnapped before. “Sippi sent us all out after that motorcycle and here you are. How did you get away?”

          I would like to have told him, however, I didn’t have a way to do that so I just yipped and wagged my tail. Then in my mind I heard Ku say, “Mysteries are good to ponder.” I wondered how he knew what was going on. He certainly had interesting powers. Jenkins put me in the squad car, radioed ahead to Chief Mallory, and we headed back to the station.

          “The other officers will keep going after that motorcycle,” he said. “We’ll catch him, and then he’ll really be in hot water. We’ve wanted to pin something on Floyd for a long time but he’s a slippery devil. Thanks to you Magee we’ll have something on him now.”

          As we pulled up to the station Sippi ran to Jenkins cruiser and opened the door. She lifted me up and wrapped her arms around me. “Oh baby it is so good to see you. You have more lives than many a cat.” I wasn’t sure how to take that but considering the fact that I could smell the bag of treats she had with her, I accepted it as a compliment. 

          “You’ve done it again Magee,” Mallory said as we came into his office. Sippi was still carrying me. “You might get another medal for this.”

          “We still have to bring them all in and charge them,” Sippi said. “Have they caught the motorcycle driver?”

          “Not yet,” Mallory said, “But they’re still trying. Thanks to Dick Pride’s description they have a good chance. Why don’t you go home and get some rest, you’ve been working very hard. Take today off.” He shook his head.  As I expected, their lawyer bailed out the two sisters.”

          Sippi sighed and left. Back at her condo she made herself a cup of coffee. “Oh Magee, I worried for you. I’m so glad you’re safe. How on earth did you ever get out of that basket?”

          I saw Margery smiling, and I wagged my tail. In my mind I heard Ku again. “All will be well, my young friend. Take it from me, I’ve seen a lot of things in my nine lives, and this is not really as bad as you might think.”

To be continued

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