Magee Goes Trick or Treat – Chapter 10

Magee Goes Trick or Treat – Chapter 10

Well, Raven has done it now! And what’s with that little redheaded kid? He is doing something. 



Stephen Halpert

Magee Goes Trick or Treat Chapter 10

It was evening. Someone had just come into my hospital room. I picked right up on Raven’s aftershave.

“It’s cool Magee,” just me, Raven, then it’ll be Captain Mallory followed by Sippi. And then I’ll be back.”

I wagged my tail. It hurt less than it had even just two days earlier. I hoped I’d go home before another night. Raven plopped down into the chair next to my bed and almost immediately fell asleep. I missed Sippi. I mean it was nice having Raven there and I didn’t
even mind his snoring (which began soon after he fell asleep), but I missed my own bed and Sippi’s condo smelled a lot nicer than the hospital. As I drifted off to sleep I wondered how Sippi was doing on the case. After all, I am a cop and that’s my job, to stay on the case even if I’m not able to be there myself.

Meanwhile Sippi was at the station, going over the case files. She looked over at the chair where Magee liked to curl up when she was in her office and sighed. “Well, guess I’ll have to go poking around some more,” she said. “I miss you little buddy. I’m so used to having you along it feels really strange to be continuing the investigation without you.”

Just then Dick Pride, the young reporter knocked on her door. “I was in the neighborhood and wondered if you might like to go have some coffee.”

“Isn’t it a bit late for coffee?”

“Starbucks is open 24/7, so why not? You can even get decaf if you want to.”

She looked at him oddly, “Decaf? I don’t do decaf.”

“You know Sippi what’s really frustrating is that what we know in common I can’t talk with you about, because you’ll just think I’m trying to pick your brains.”

Sippi chuckled, “I hope you don’t think I’m that devious.” A shudder ran down her spine. She paused and took  breath.  “Actually what I’d like to do is break Magee out of the hospital.”

He grinned. “For real? Why?”

“Call it female intuition but I just don’t feel comfortable with him there, and I can’t really tell you why.”

Dick shrugged. “Women have it easy that way, they just toss it into intuition, I have to be logical.”

“That may be true, nevertheless, all we have to do is waltz into his room, grab him and skedaddle.”

“You make it seem like a walk in the park.”

“What’s so difficult about that? Let’s give it a shot. I’ll need to stop at my condo and pick up his bag of treats. Thanks for helping me.”

“Oh, I’d do almost anything for you Sippi, you and Magee of course.” His cheeks reddened a bit, and he ran his hand through his ginger hair.

A half hour later Sippi and Dick were in the hospital parking lot. “So far so good,” Sippi said. She parked and they went into the hospital. She showed the young night nurse her badge and said, “We’re here to check on Magee.”

“Oh go right on in,” she said cheerily,  “he certainly gets plenty of attention.”

Sippi drew back and frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Well here you are; half an hour ago some others from the force came to check him out.”

“What do you mean, some others from the force? What do you mean? Did they show you a badge?”

“No but they were in uniform.” The nurse looked confused. “And they knew who he was.”

Wasting no more time, her heart in her mouth Sippi turned and hurried down the corridor toward Magee’s room. Dick hurried after her. She rattled the doorknob.  “The room’s locked,” she said.

“Isn’t that unusual?”

“Yes!” She hurried back to the desk and retuned with the nurse who unlocked and opened the door. Sippi turned on the light. Raven was sprawled on the floor out cold. Dried blood was crusted atop his scalp. The bed was empty. Sippi clutched herself. “Oh Magee, what’s happened?”  She bent over Raven. “Raven, Raven, can you tell me anything? Can you speak to me?” She reached over and took his hand, shaking his arm gently.

The nurse stood there looking horrified.

Dick went over to the window. “Look,” he said, “it’s wide open.”

He turned to the nurse. “Can you describe the so called officers you saw earlier?”

She blinked and rubbed her forehead. “There were two of them, I do remember they seemed somewhat unusual for police officers. One had a rather scruffy beard. The other was a woman and she wasn’t carrying the usual police gear.”

Raven stirred and groaned. Sippi looked up at the nurse. If looks could have killed she would have been lying on the floor next to Raven. Raven sat up. He rubbed his head and blinked. He looked at the empty bed and then at Sippi. “Looks like someone has kidnapped our little hero.”

Sippi glared at him. “Yes, and you didn’t stop them!”

Raven looked embarrassed. “I never even saw them,” he said mournfully.

Dick Pride whipped out his notebook and turned to the nurse. “Tell me everything you can remember about them,” he said.

Sippi turned around. “None of this goes to the paper,” she said loudly. “None of this. Not until the case is solved. You could be endangering Magee’s life.”

“Oh, I understand that,” he said quickly. “I want to help any way I can. I thought a good description might be useful, especially since Raven couldn’t see them.”

“I swear Sippi, I was sitting right here in the chair,” Raven said. “I don’t know how they snuck up on me.”

“You fell asleep is how,” Sippi glared at him. She pulled out her phone and dialed Mallory. He was there in five minutes.

He took in the scene with a glance. “Magee’s been kidnapped?”  He shook his head and turned to Raven.

“I thought you were guarding him.”

 To Be coninued

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