Loving Each Day #Spiritual #Devotion

Loving Each Day #Spiritual #Devotion

When we come to that place where we accept ourselves the way we are without judgment, we are then in a great position to give up any attachment to what we are not. It is those attachments to "what should be" to "I should have" and to "they ought to" that can produce anger, fear, resentment, rejection, or guilt – five major emotions that can block you from everything you want.

John-Roger, DSS.

*My thoughts*

After my illness in 2017, which began with a rogue UTI and ended with 48 hours of Brain Spasms which are similar to mini-strokes and a month’s worth of grueling physical therapy in a wonderfully accommodating Nursing Therapy facility, I had to first face what I no longer was, and what I’d become so that I could grow from that and be all I could be in my new life.

Now, here I am in 2020, and stronger and more well than anyone especially me believed I could be.

The healing that took place in my life from that illness long ago to the present day encompassed much more than the physical limitations which occurred.

Not only did I become physically functional again, but my spiritual life grew, my mental illness began to stabilize and eventually I began to create and run my own business.

All of these incredible things took place simply because I allowed the new me to live and the old me to pass away.

To do this day…

Embrace the new you, and let the old pass away.

May Harmony find You, and Blessid Be.

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