Love Notes

Love Notes

Heartwings Love Notes 797 Intoxicated by Beauty

Heartwings says, “To be drunk on beauty won’t hurt the liver.”

This time of year I worry that if I were pulled over by a policeman I might appear intoxicated. That’s a joke, of course, as for many years my body has not tolerated more than a sip or two of alcohol, and that only on rare occasions. No, what I would be drunk on is the beauty that glows along the roadsides. As I drive around on my errands these days, the slanting rays of the autumn sun shine through the reds and golds of the turning leaves, leaving me breathless.

I feel fortunate that I have the eyes to see it and the heart to appreciate it. I remember a conversation I had once with someone who was chronically depressed. When I said something about the beauty around us she shrugged and told me she couldn’t really appreciate it. Although she didn not say it I could tell that she was simply too sad to do so. Her mind was preoccupied with her troubles and sorrows. I felt for her.

The gorgeous display that is the essence of a fall in New England is something many people travel here to see. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to live in this part of the USA. I spent some years in Virginia and missed the brilliance of our autumn very much. When many years ago I was in Texas in the fall, I felt the same. I grew up here, and perhaps New England is in my blood. All I know is that each year I look forward eagerly to this time of year.

One of the houses we lived in had a window that looked out over a very special Maple tree. The color that painted the leaves would begin with a single branch, sometimes as early as late August. How I enjoyed it when that patch of leaves burst into brightness. The loveliness of nature in autumn warms my heart in a way that enlivens my whole being. I am so very thankful for this special gift of loveliness, free for the gazing, billowing over the hills and presenting on yards, our New England fall.

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