Locked Out of My Blog – Going to Pottery on the Mass Transit and Audible Books Before Coffee #What’sUp

Locked Out of My Blog – Going to Pottery on the Mass Transit and Audible Books Before Coffee #What’sUp

Good morning to everyone, I hope this post finds you doing well.

Here, well, it’s been a bit interesting.

First, last evening, for reasons I don’t understand, after only two tries at logging into my blog because I’d been logged out of it yet again, I got locked out because I accidentally put in the wrong password. Now, I cannot access my blog, so will be trying to post via email to it while I wait to see what if any magik Casey can work to get me back in. I’m assuming since I have it set up to let me email straight to the blog and automatically post for me it will work. We shall see. Be aware however, I might not be able to do things like approve comments or posts so if you guest post or comment and don’t see your submitted content right away, be patient. I’ll be working on the problem.

Also, last evening while I was becoming frustrated with my blog, I was given a wonderful blessing.

In a texting conversation between me and my pottery friend and teacher, When I texted, I probably wouldn’t be able to come tomorrow because my door-to-door van service was booked solid and couldn’t accommodate my needs she wrote back and said, “I’d be glad to meet you at the bus stop to show you and Blue how to get to the building.”

After I found my voice, I dictated back, “OMG! That would be wonderful. I’ll call them back and ask what time the bus comes through there.”

I called immediately, got the times of the routes I needed to and from the center and after a bit of back-and-forth conversation between the two of us a plan was made.

I tell you; I couldn’t have been given a better gift from anywhere. I’ve wanted to learn this for quite some time and for her to offer to help is a huge deal.

Any of you who have ever tried to get orientation and mobility instruction will understand because performing that little task is much like pulling teeth from a fossil.

This morning, Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue and I will catch the 8:05 bus, go to the station, transfer to bus #2, ride 8 to 10 minutes then get off at our senior center stop.

If all goes to plan, I can still arrive to the center by 9 and with a few more meetings of instruction like this, Blue will know exactly what I want of him, and we will be able to do away with riding the door-to-door bus to the center unless we want to.

No more canceled classes. I’ll have more freedom!

YAY! For more freedom!

Also, YAY! For true friends who will do such a thing for me.

This morning, I woke at just after 5 and knowing I wanted coffee and email time before Blue began bouncing down the day, I got up, snuck to the kitchen, made a pot and since it’s only a 2 or 3 cup maker I poured the entire pot into my insulated Bubba mug my friend Dave Light bought me years ago and settled down at my desk to see what the day might hold.

There were the usual junk pieces which had made it into the inbox to delete, blog posts to scan through to see which I’d read, which I’d save, and which would be deleted outright and then…

“Finally! An author you’ve wished for is now on sale!”

“Crap!” I lamented. “There goes another Audible credit.”

I opened the email stating, “I’ll just take a quick look. Just because there are books on sale, doesn’t mean I must buy them.”

HUMPH! Famous last words. I bought another book and not just any book, but one which is part of a series. Which means I’ll be looking through my fun money to see if I can justify buying the next one, after this one has been read.

If you love a series, you will understand what it is like when you must wait.

I did enough of that growing up, when all I had available to me for good reading was the National Library Services for the Blind and Print Disabled lending library via snail mail.

Yes, you read right. The only way I had to get talking books (audio read books) was to put in an order and wait. And hope they’d send the books in order. That didn’t always happen. I must tell you; it was rather frustrating. Thus, the need to have all books in the series ready for me to read. LOL.

In my defense, when I sat down and opened that email, I’d only had a couple of sips from my mug. So, I truly wasn’t awake yet. It cannot possibly be because I’m seriously addicted to books.

Well, I’m off for whatever the day brings. I’ll keep you updated about my blog.

Have a beautiful day.

Thanks for reading.

May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.

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