It’s the last week of February the shortest month of the calendar year, which to me somehow seems the longest.

With barely enough money to do more than simply remain afloat and no room for extras I find myself at times feeling much like giving up. Then just when I feel like I cannot take one moment more I scrounge through the few remaining items from my food bank box and I find there are so many good things to be had within I know that even though I’m on the very edge I’m going to make it after all.

Honeynet cheery-o’s with peakons and blueberries, fresh hot coffee with just a swirl of hot milk and the morning news.

Soup made with romaine noodle packets, canned tuna-fish sprinkled with roasted peanuts, and slices of pairs, while reading Michelle Obama’s book ‘Becoming’ in the evening with the wind rattling the doors and windows of my house, angry that I refuse to let it in.

Snuggling with my big furry slobbery Bubba Dog in the middle of the night after waking from a frightful dream while the rain drums loudly against the roof and the heat pump thumps into life keeping us toasty with its warm hiss of air while sucking on a Peppermint candy.

Running my fingers through Bubba’s fur I think about all the little pleasures I’ve enjoyed just in the last weekend alone and how grateful I am for each one. I find I’m amazed at how wonderful just these few things are, and I know how very fortunate I am to have them and my home to enjoy them in.

I know though there are times when I feel so beaten down by the constant struggles I endure day after day just trying to survive that it could be so very much worse for me and so as the sun sets on yet another hard but blessing filled day and I rinse my dishes from a dinner of baked potato and homemade dressing I’ve named ‘this and that salad dressing due to my having made it from this and that I found in the bottles of condiments in the door of my frig I pray…

Thank you for the sun.

Thank you now day is done, all our needs, wants, and desires they’re met.

Thank you for what we have and have not yet.

Thank you when the day is new, we will still be we and you will still be you.

Light our path and guide our way.

Give us what to do and say.

So mote it be and blessid be.



If you’d like to know more about mine and Bubba Dog’s books you may visit: .

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  1. Thank you so much, Patty. Oh my gosh, reading your story is so much mine too. My significant other, Richard, is so ill, and last week we were in the ER three days in a row all day each day and today we had to go back to the VA for him. We were running on fumes coming home, and no money to add more gas. I felt as though I could not handle another single thing today, but reading your good post sure did help. I hope this will help others who post to remember that there are a lot of good folks out there who are struggling every single day, and then for you who post positive and inspirational posts, I am sure that it helps a lot of us like really good medicine. It is wonderful to find comfort in the small things, for in reality they are huge. Thank you again so much. I so needed to read some happy thoughts that come from the struggle a lot of us are living with.

    1. Hi Anne.

      I’ve received some other notes similar to this one.

      They were private so I’ll not mention their names here but yes lots of us are struggling.

      I do vent my frustrations at all the struggle I face at times but for the most part I try to find the positives within the negative.

      A few years back I wrote a whole series on Positive Perspective.

      I’ve been thinking about editing and reposting them.

      I was a new blogger then and there were lots of typos and junk in them but their meaning did ring true.

      Thanks for your comment and hang on, it gets better if we focus on that which we have rather than that which we do not.

      Remember, “So a man think, so shall he be.”

      Focus on lack and that’s all you’ll get back.

      Focus on more and it’ll come knocking on your door.


      Have no idea where that last part came from. LOL!


      1. I have come to appreciate you so much, Patty. You are an amazing woman and I am blessed to know you and be a friend now.

        1. Thank you Anne. I feel the same about you. We got off to a rocky start but lots of things were going on along the sidelines for both of us at the time and I’m so glad we gave one another chance.

          Isn’t it wonderful when that can happen and people begin to learn so much about the other and find out they have so many things in common?

          I enjoy working with you lots and getting to know the true you has been such a joy.

  2. I am sorry Patty that life is so tough, but your post will be an inspiration to so many. I wish for you more of the simple things in life that come to you in more abundance.. hugsxx

    1. You know?

      It is tough, but then in many ways it’s not.

      I don’t quite know how to put that into words so that everyone can understand but I mean yeah, living day to day most times hand to mouth can be rather exhausting. But then again at the end of the day when I sit down to relax with a book and realize I’ve made it through with a roof overhead, and a full belly and my Bubba and I are safe and warm I feel a sense of contentment.

      Many people don’t think about that. They’re just always grumbling about what they don’t have and of course at times I do it too.

      But I realized that the more I focus on the lack the more of that I’m going to attract so I try each day to be very grateful for even the smallest of things.

      That old Christian song of ‘count your blessings’ is true.

      Even though I follow a different path than they I still believe in that theme.

      If we count our blessings, and truly be grateful for them and not just go through the motions it makes a real difference.

      I just posted about that this very morning.

      It’s Tyr’s Day: Tuesday.

      So, 2 for Tyr’s Day: Tuesday was born.

      I’m going to claim 2 of everything I have today, even Campbell dog because I must have a new working dog and figure a way to bring that successfully together with the dog I have so everything I mean everything.

      And, if I get something I don’t need in the process or if I get something new of the old, I have like a chair couch etc. I’ll give the other one which is still in good shape to someone else and pay forward the manifestation.

      I mean how else is one to live?

      Well, darn I’ll hush else I write another post.


      1. It still should not be so hard Patty when billions take what they have for granted. hugs xxx

        1. True.

          I feel in the past I’ve had more and rather than using it wisely I wasted things and did not appreciate that which I had so now I’m having to learn that lesson and I feel now I have and that very soon things are going to ease for me.

          I had to admit those things and have done so now and so I’m faithful that things are going to turn around.

          I’ve started behaving in this manner. I get up every morning, and get dressed, and I treat my work day as a true job because it is so.

          I do marketing work for people and so I see myself every morning going to work and projecting the prosperity I do have into more and living in the realization that my needs wants and desires are truly filled and that the lack is going away and the abundance is becoming more.

          You’d not know it this morning to look into my cabinets or frig but I had a client who paid me just the other day and I sat down and did an amazon grocery order so that’s all shipped out and it will all be here tomorrow.

          So today I shall slide by on that which I have and tomorrow, just as I commented to someone earlier more will be knocking on my door.

          And, since I’m doing a 2 for Tyr’s Day day today I’m going to believe that I’m going to have doubles of that very soon.

          I just cannot see what good sitting and moping about will do for my situation.

  3. A beautiful post, my darling Patty…love who you are! *smiling heart*

    1. Hi, sometimes it gets hard, but I can look at things like this post to know that it’s not all bad. Just having a hard day today. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  4. butterflythomas Reply
    March 14, 2019

    I feel this, always stop at Knowledge 👑 I feel this, always stop acknowledge and give thanks in times of famine and times of feast. 💯🙏🏾

    1. You know? I seem to make better choices when I have to really think about where my money should go, what types of things I need to prioritize to buy, and what foods I need to be eating. Seems like the more we have, the more we waste. I don’t know why that is. I always swear I’m not going to do it, yet I do it anyway.

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