Let’s talk tech turkey: dictated

Let’s talk tech turkey: dictated

Here I am! Back to dictating and touch typing! If you read me let me know by liking or commenting! Thank you in advance for doing so! In spite of all my travels and trials and tribulations that can only be attributed to turkey innards I am still trying! Still talking! Typing!
Doing the best I can, to make my way in a world filled with obstacles and I find that even with all that I probably would have it no other way.

I am learning to laugh at my mistakes when they are simply that, mistakes due to dictation or miss typing eight key or letter because I am viewing the World backward.

I cannot tell you how many times I have wished that I could have verbalized or written down what I was thinking and feeling while training for Campbell. That is when I truly began to notice this part of myself. The part that has distorted perception. At least to what I had always been taught was normal thinking.

Take today for example. This morning I have vacuumed my living room dining room. I have packed a box of miscellaneous items as I picked up and straightened things around the house. I found a box to hold all Campbell’s toys and made him excited about them being in there. While showing him he could play with them. I took time to enjoy the outside as I walked in and out repeatedly throwing things in the trash and recycling bin. I read a book while I work. Until my phone battery died. 🤔

When my work was all done, I stepped outside to take a breath of the cool, smoky air. It bothered me that the smoke was back. Earlier we had gotten a small drink of rain from the sky, which had for a time cleared the air here. I’m sad to say it is but not quite as strong as yesterday, still strong enough to make Campbell sneezing and my eyes water. As I stood on the porch I looked in to the cooler sitting by my swing and found that my Thanksgiving lunch from meals on wheels sponsored by the United Way, had been delivered. After setting it in the house, I took Campbell for his mid morning park. I put him in his harness, and worked him through a portion of our bus route each day, and stopping halfway through allowed him to park. He rewarded me, and then tugging slightly asked to go on a bit further. He was sending the air and wagging happily so I let him have his head and away we went.🐶

When that was done and he was settled back inside happily in his bed with one of his toys I went to see what had been brought for lunch. As I stand in my kitchen, opening the box, I am delighted it to find turkey and gravy, broccoli casserole, baked sweet potatoes, milk, and a cup of gravy. Stuffing, and a separate box with a large slice of pumpkin pie. A carton of milk. I stood for a moment and thought how truly blessed I am. Even though I am moving I still have a home, I have this wonderful lunch, although I am tired it is wonderful because I have spent the morning starting myself further along on my journey to move, and I realize this is a great day.

I knew, that if I went nowhere else today, so no one did one more thing other than feed my dog, have a piece of pumpkin pie, and read the afternoon away while folding laundry and packing it into a tote! I would be truly blessed, and would have had a wonderful Thanksgiving already. Yet here I am wonderfully blessed to know that this evening for a little while I can visit with my family whomever shows up and know that I am even more blessed than I first believed. If we were all honest with each other and ourselves we would all know that we truly are just that. Blessed more than we believed.

So even though I am once again dictating in touch typing I am still going forward. Even though, I am moving, I am still going forward. I am still living, breathing, and there is still hope for me. So I thank you all for going with me on this continuous challenging journey and blessed be.

To all of the United States and around the world who are celebrating happy Thanksgiving! To all of those who do not celebrate Thanksgiving be grateful anyway. I love you may Harmony find you. Blessid be❣️
PS… in reference to my comment of wishing I could have written down or verbalize what I was thinking and feeling during my training. My book does not quite do all that justice. I hope to be able to speak more about it as time goes along. So that I can not only heal myself but help others as well. Thank you again and blessings.
☮️💞 divided we fall united we stand forever

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