Let’s talk about Siri Apple, and How Annoyed I Am

Let’s talk about Siri Apple, and How Annoyed I Am

OK folks, I will just go ahead and apologize for yet another rant. I’m sorry, but I’ve had a belly full of Siri, Dictation, and how crappy it works.

Is it just me, or is apple becoming an awful lot like its competition?

First of all, how annoying is it to have to repeat a text, not once, not twice, but three times? Sometimes more? I’ve friends who say, “Oh my Siri is 80 or more correct. Obviously they do not proof their messages, cause what I get from them most times, needs to be decoded. No, Siri is not 80 or more correct. Not by a long shot.

Who remembers the days, when I had no keyboard, and because I wanted to keep my blog alive, I dictated posts? Anyone remember, how some of them read? LOL! Almost embarrassing, but I did it to prove a point. My point? Apple doesn’t live up to what they advertise.

Yeah, it’s good, but by the Gods, they got miles to go before they sleep, let me tell you.

Next pet peeve I got. Siri and Apps. Siri ought to do a hell of a lot more with Apps. It should work with Messenger, It should work with Google+ and more. Hell, I ought to be able to dictate an entire WordPress post, and when I ask the meaning of something, I don’t want to read a stupid article. If I’d wanted to do that, I could’ve looked it up myself. Read it Siri?

I just think if they’re going to brag on accessibility, it ought to be so.

I think if they’re going to claim their dictation’ best, it should be a bit better.

I think the updates need to include more for voice-over, dictation, and Siri.

Let’s talk about Voice-Over.
Voice-over, still freezes and has to be turned on and off several times a day. Drives me nuts, and before yall write in that I need to turn this on, and that off, I’ve been to the store, and had the techs who specialize in Accessibility set it all up for me, and still…

Just would like to have peace when texting, Facebooking, etc.

Just would like to have Siri obey my command when I tell it to open an App, and not open something I did not want.

Now, let’s talk about this dumb phone. Smart Phone, Bla! Ha! Ba!
This IPhone six does some of the craziest crap I ever saw. I’m not alone with this either.

It turns on music when I’m not even trying to. The dictation gets stuck, and the worst thing I’ve had thus far, has been, “I cannot hear you!”

Ever since I got this thing, that’s all I’ve heard. We blamed it on the case. So finally I got rid of it. We blamed it on the lack of a good net connection, so I spent nearly $70 and bought a booster, I got great signal, but I still get, “I cannot hear you”

Nope, not the phone, I had it checked. Just a bull-shit mottle.

I just gotta say, America aint’ doing me no favors today. Between the political and racist bull and the lack of decent products, I’m about to move out of here all together!

Yeah, I’m grumping today! I hardly ever do it, but I’m just done with the crap!

I want to turn on the news, and hear something decent about this land in which I live, and I’d like to text about it without having to repeat it six-million times!!!


I promise to return to my Positive Perspective later on, but for now, I’m positive of only a couple things.

Siri and Dictation suck, and Trump is a trip, to where? Hell!

OK I’m done!!!

PS. Yeah, I know, I’m posting on what? My IPhone… πŸ˜’πŸ€£

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