Lessons from a Frustrating Friday

Lessons from a Frustrating Friday

Patty L. Fletcher
April 29 2016

I awoke in the wee hours of Friday morning. As was usual for me, I made a pot of coffee, and sat down to read email and catch up on the news of the day. Although it was only around 2-AM I felt rather energized and alive.

Over the last few weeks, for various reasons, I’d not slept well, but just in the past couple of days, I’d caught up and was feeling rather rested and renewed, so after a couple of cups of coffee, and having read all my email, Facebook posts, and tweeting a few items of interest, I decided it was high time I vacuumed the floor. I decided I’d simply concentrate on the living room, and hall. I decided I’d simply tackle the house a little at a time, rather than trying to do everything all at once, so as not to set myself up to fail.

When I’d gone to get Campbell, I learned in my training, that to expect too much out of Campbell all at once would set him up to fail, then I’d have to correct him which would discourage him. This was now something I was beginning to realize could be put into practice in my daily life as well. Rather than trying to accomplish everything all at one time, thus setting myself up to fail because I knew I’d tire out long before finishing and then feel discouraged, I decided that if I worked at things a bit at a time, I was more likely to accomplish more in the long run than I would doing it my usual way.

Soon I was working in the living room. I picked up objects off the floor. I swept up nasty leaves from around the door, and picked up trash that had fallen out of my jacket pockets when I’d tossed them haphazardly on to a table I’d placed by the door that had over time become a catch all.

Once this was done, I got out the vacuum, and thinking that the last person who had vacuumed for me had cleaned out the dirt catcher, began to vacuum. Soon I realized that something was wrong. The vacuum was becoming hot. Thinking it must be filling up due to my not having vacuumed in so long I decided that as soon as I finished the section of floor I was vacuuming I’d stop and empty it. To my dismay the vacuum picked that moment to simply stop. It made a sort of a snorting choking sound and promptly quit. I removed the container designed to catch all the dirt from the floor, and went outside to empty it. I found upon opening it that it was completely stuffed full. No way had the two sections of floor I’d just vacuumed held that much dirt. The container was totally clogged. After finally getting it all emptied I went back inside, reattached it to the vacuum and began again, but the vacuum would not work right. The brushes on the head would barely turn, and the motor continued to get hot. As I examined it further I found the brushes on the head to be completely entangled with pet hair, and my hair as well. As I continued to work with the vacuum I realized that those who had been helping me over the past year had simply not been cleaning out the vacuum. I was already frustrated because I’d found signs of the furniture not having been moved long before winter had passed, and knowing when the floors were last vacuumed finding such had already shown me that people were not at all being honest with me, and as I began to find more and more evidence that showed me yet more dishonesty I became extremely frustrated. After a while I realized that I was going to have to have sighted help, and so put the vacuum away, went and got myself another cup of coffee, and sat down to think.

‘What could I learn from this?’ I asked myself. I could either become depressed over this new finding or take a lesson from it. As I drank my coffee and thought about it this is what came to my mind.

First off those who had been helping me were friends and family. All of which had been paid for their effort, and most of which were for one reason or another no longer part of my life. As I began to think over the events of the past few weeks, as well as what I had just discovered, it occurred to me that even though I loved those missing from my life very much, it might just be due to prayers I’d recently prayed that this was so.

I’d been praying that those who were dishonest and who did not have my best interests at heart would be removed from me. I’d asked that those who stood in my way of being successful at making everlasting changes in my life, no matter who they were be removed as well, and now here I was finding out that the very family and friends I’d held most dear, who were no longer a part of my life, were the very ones who had been taking advantage and in fact lying to me. Although I found this to be rather hurtful, I also found some comfort in it. ‘Maybe?’ I thought. ‘It wasn’t such a bad thing that these people had been taken out of my life after all.’ Although to me it seems quite unbelievable that it can be a good thing to lose family and friends, when people you love, and trust, whether they are family, friends, or those who work for you that you are only acquainted with aren’t being true to their word, then maybe the best thing is to truly let them go.

As I sat digesting all of this I prayed, ‘Goddess help me to continue to know who is trustworthy in my life, and who is not. Continue to lead me on this path, and show to me what you would have me do, where you would have me go, and with whom you would have me be with. So mote it be, and blessid be.’

As I finished my prayer I felt assured that by the end of these current trials that I was currently facing in my life, I would indeed know just exactly who I could trust, and just where I was to be, and what I was to do.

To do this day, be aware of your surroundings, and what is going on in your life. Take note of the things people do what they say, and how they act. No matter who they are, if people are obviously lying to you, and you see plainly that it is so, ask to be given the strength to once and for all turn and walk away. Ask that you be given people who will be true to their word, and who will not for any reason lie to you, or take advantage of you. Be willing no matter how hard to make everlasting changes in your own life that will once and for all time move you forward on your journey to living the best and most prosperous life possible for you.

Be willing to follow the path that Mother Father God set before you, and fear not, because the peace that surpasses all understanding will indeed carry you through.

Until next time, this is Patty, Campbell and Bobcat too saying, ‘may harmony find you, and blessid be’


  1. Patty, You just taught me a vary valuable lesson, because I had a frustrating Friday too, because I was trying to do too much at one time, thus setting myself up for failure. Thanks for that blessing.

    1. Hi Anne, glad you liked this and learned something from it. I hope to be able to help others like this as well. It is a pleasure for me, and I know for you as well when I write something and find out that someone got something meaningful from it. Blessid be.

      1. Love and prayers to you and the Campbell kingdom.

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