Laughter Challenge #Humor

Laughter Challenge #Humor

JANUARY 17, 2021.


Earlier today, I found myself once again explaining my sarcasm and satire to people who just never seem to get it. Some claim it’s because it’s electronic communication and they can’t hear my voice.

“Balderdash!” I don’t believe it because others reading the same thing get it quite well. The problem is that society has encouraged us to be stoic, quiet, and reserved as well as a whole bunch of other gibberish that ain’t worth a crap!

Well, this latest dealing with people who insist on being literalists who are wrapped so tight that they can’t squeak right lead me to the following video. I challenge you to watch/listen and relearn the lessons of our childhood and to learn to find Happiness, Joy and Laughter in life once again.

It is said, “What the world needs is love.”

I say…

“What the world needs is laughter.”

Mary Poppins taught it well…

Patty L. Fletcher

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