Labradorite and… oh yes all right then, Labradors

Labradorite and… oh yes all right then, Labradors

The following information is not only good for the information given about this stone, it is also a story that will let you know what having an out-of-control dog will do. It is also a story of how what having an uncontrollable dog will do to the reputation of a breed. It is more than clear to me this has not one thing to do with the kind of dog this was, but rather the handlers fault. The fact that I own, and handle, a labrador Who would absolutely never behave this way, makes me want to post this even more. No dog, should be allowed to run loose without a leash, no matter the breed, or how well it behaves. Especially, if it doesn’t behave it should not be allowed off a leash. You know what breed I find fault with? Negligent humans. Those are the trouble. Not dogs. Pit bulls chows, and Rottweilers get a bad rap to. All breeds, would be awesome if their handlers took care of them correctly.

Same with the power of the stones we talk about. That can be missed handled as well. Everything was created by God and Goddess. And knowing to be good. Including man. It is man, The corrupted itself and caused things to be bad.

So wither dog, stone, Herb or element handle with care. Handle with respect. Handle with love. Know that it is not your right, but your privilege. Thank you Granny moon for sharing this thought-provoking article.

Labradorite and… oh yes all right then, Labradors I was initially attracted to this wonderful stone by its colour. I came across it at my son’s lovely crystal lady’s stall, where her partner gave m…

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