Korponious Christmas: a Lady MoonWalker Story (Wee Hours of Christmas 2016)

Korponious Christmas: a Lady MoonWalker Story (Wee Hours of Christmas 2016)

Good Early Christmas Morning CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Campbell and I hope you’re doing SUPER GREAT! So far so good here in the Campbell Kingdom. I’m glad yall stopped by, because well… what with it being Christmas and me up in the middle of the night, I have a story runnin’ round in my head, and it’s just beggin’ to be told.

Now, for me to tell you this story you got to suspend a few beliefs. You have to remember this is fantasy. Fantasy is good, long as you can keep the fantasy and reality apart. You don’t want any fantasy in your reality on a regular bases. But if you can do that, and let your mind wonder safely and happily into the world of day dreams and make believe and really get into and enjoy it, this is going to be the ticket for you.

Now, we’ve been following Derrick and Laya for a while now. When we last saw them, they were in the middle of quite a mystery, but that’s not what I want to write about today. No! Not the story I want to tell you at all.

It’s just after 3 AM Laya and King have just enjoyed an early Christmas walk in the crisp damp air. They’re tucked back inside their home, what Laya has dubbed ‘King’s Sanctuary King has drifted back to sleep after a great playing session, and Laya is left with her own memories to keep her company.

Come with me, and let us see what we can see, of Derrick the Spiritual Guide, and His Lady MoonWalker.

### The crisp damp air seemed to linger in my nostrils as I went about the task of straightening the kitchen. I both loved, and hated this time of night. On one hand it was quiet, peaceful, and my mind could be at rest from all the emotions it picked up on during what the Psychs called peek thought time, yet on the other, if I let my mind drift too long in the emptiness this left open and unoccupied I could get lost in some pretty dark shadows.

Finally when I could stand the silence no longer, I turned on some music, and set about sweeping the floor, casting as I went.

I swept large lazy counter clockwise circles, piling all the dirt and dust into the middle of the floor. When I finally had it all gathered together, I knelt with a whisk broom and pan, and as I swept the contents of my labor away into the pan I chanted…
“I summon stir, and call ye forth! East, South, West, and North! I summon stir, drawing you unto me, to strengthen and empower me, and this magik work I do.
I ask of you on this day, take all negativity, strife, and sadness away.
Light my path, and clear my way.
Bring unto me this very day, what I seek, as I speak.
So Mote it be and Blessid Be.”

The clump of nastiness fell into the bin with a soft thunk! And as I washed my hands and face at the kitchen sink a moment later, I felt the room shift and the portal just to my left open.

I turned ever so slowly, as to not startle whomever, or whatever was coming through. I never knew until the being had passed through whether it would be an actual living, or spirit when it did, but in either case whatever it was needed to be allowed to come completely through without interruption. To do otherwise could be dangerous for everyone involved. If disturbed the soul of whomever, was coming through whether living or spirit could be forever damaged.

The air made a Swish! Sound, and a moment later Derrick stood solid and living beside me. I turned to him and reached out my arms. He accepted my invitation and a moment later we were locked in a tight embrace. “Gods I missed you!” He breathed. My heart nearly stopped at the sound of his voice. I breathed deeply of his scent, and filed it away for a time when I would want, and not have him. He gently placed the tips of his long strong fingers under my chin, tipped my face up so he could look into my eyes, and gently pressed is lips onto first my eyes, then my nose, cheeks, and then my mouth. We stood like that for a long passionate moment and then as he pulled away he asked, “So have you been just good enough to earn a present, and just knaughty enough to deserve it?” He teased. I smiled, but it did not meet my eyes. Derrick being the type to notice everything at a moment’s glance asked gently, “Why do I have a feeling My Lady doesn’t believe in Santa or Christmas magik anymore?” I took a deep breath to steady my voice. I knew if I spoke at that moment without doing so my voice would betray the confused emotions I felt inside. “Honesty, My Lady, you promised.” “Derrick?” I began but I did not have the words to convey what I felt. How could I tell him that these tiny visits, these snippets into what we could have if only… He gently tightened his arms around me and speaking soft and soothingly he said, “Darling, it will not always be this way. It is only for just a little longer that I must live apart from you. You know how things were when last we saw one another, and you know the work yet to be done by both of us. I know it is hard, and you struggle but just be patient, and one day all you desire will be so.” “Can you stay a while this time? Are you expected elsewhere later in the day?” “Aren’t you?” He asked, “I could make an excuse. I’ve been sick.” He smiled, and kissed me. “AWW My lady, both of us must meet our obligations. We have too much to lose to do otherwise. You have worked very hard to improve your life. I am quite proud of you. I have worked hard to gain allot of people’s trust, and I must work doublet hard now, to keep it.” “When…?” “shhhh! He whispered, let us just enjoy the moment!” He raised his voice then and shouted! Shattering the silent night. “King! Here! King! Come!” The big cream colored lab cross leapt from his place on the foot of Laya’s bed, and pounded down the hall. “arhrhrhrh!” Derrick growled at him as he jumped. “Come here you beast! And help me make your momma laugh!” They danced round me Derrick holding King’s paws, until they made me dizzy with their laughter and love. “OK! OK!” I laughed, yall win!”

Soon we were all swept away in the moment and I found myself back in Derrick’s arms. “Tell me one thing you’d like to do, and let us see if we can have it, if only for a little while.” He said as his hands ran along my back. “I want to run in the surf with you and King. I’ve had enough cold, wind, and snow.” He laughed into my hair. “The beach it is, My Lady, but I get to pick which one!”

The three of us stood close together. We’d trained King to travel with us Long ago, and he did it as he did everything else, with persition and obedience. As Derrick and I clasped hands he said, “Are you ready? Open your mind to me.” I took a deep breath. I was always just a tad bit nervous when we traveled but Derrick had taught me well, and as with everything, I trusted his teaching. Just then I felt a shifting around us, pressure pushed at us from all sides, and for an instant I could not breath. Then Derrick was holding me, King was running round in large crazy circles barking hysterically and the warm sun was shining onto my skin. I stood and took a deep breath of the warm salty air. “Where are we?” He laughed. “We are in Casimia Heights, on my private beach, and for the next little while, your wish is my every command. By the time I take you home, I want the magik back in your smile, and in those beautiful eyes.”

We ran along the shore hand in hand, with King pounding along beside us. We stood in the surf and drank eggnog rum cream cocktails, and we made love in the sand for what seemed like hours.

As the sun set Derrick described the beautiful fiery reds, orange bursts of color to me, and ran his fingers through my long damp curls. “I love you My lady, and one day soon this will all be ours forever. I want you to remember that even when I say nothing, you’re forever in my heart, mind, body, and soul. Remember that it is your love which makes me whole, and that you are ever pleasing to me.” His mouth found mine, and we lie like that until the sun had set darkness had fallen, and the Casimian moon had risen high into the warm velvet sky. King lay curled up beside us and in that moment I could truly believe in Christmas Magik.

All too soon, the moment had passed, and Derrick took my hand in one of his, and with his other grasped King’s collar. “All good things gotta come to an end. My Lady, I have to return you to your world now, one day…” “shhhh!” I whispered, “Don’t make promises you have no idea if you can ever truly keep. Let us just enjoy the moment. Just be in the NOW! Yesterday is done, and tomorrow’s not begun. NOW is good! Let us just keep it and worry not about the rest.”

Then like before I felt the pressure shift around us. Again, for just a moment I could not breath, and then we were all back in my kitchen.

Just then I felt something warm and wet on my feet. “Oh! Gods! I left the water running!” The sink was full and running over, the kitchen floor was flooded, and suddenly! King began to bark howl, and then ran from the room in a flurry of jingling jangling wiggly waggly fury, and then, Derrick and I began to laugh. We laughed and laughed. We laughed as we cleaned up the mess. We laughed as we piled all the soaked towels into my washer, and we laughed as we stood in the portal kissing our good-byes.

As he faded back into his world I heard Derrick’s voice float back to me. “Keep laughing My Lady! Merry Christmas!”


Well, ladies and gents. There it is. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope that if you did you’ll let me know. Come back again to see what else Derrick and Laya might get up to, and if you’ve not done so, make sure to check out other Lady MoonWalker stories.

For now, this is Patty, and the ever loving labby ‘King’ Campbell AKA Bubba saying…
may harmony find you, Merry Christmas, and blessid be.

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