Kinda WOW! ! ! Yall!!!

Kinda WOW! ! ! Yall!!!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to come on and say…WOW! Thanks for all the conversation back and forth. Thanks for reading and liking what I write and share of other’s. Thanks for following me, and for telling others about me.

Campbell and I enjoy getting out and about creating stuff to write of… People ask all the time, “How do you find things to write about?” You know what I want to know? “How do you not find things to write about? Is life not interesting? At times downright Fascinating! And Awesome?” I mean I could write about things that happen to me every moment. If I could find the best easiest and longest lasting recording system, I’d record everything! There are boring moments, to be sure. Things that happen day in and day out, that at times have no baring on anything else, or…? Is that really so? Have you not ever gone through a day where everything was just WOW? I don’t know. Maybe I’m weird, but I’m Way happy yall like reading about all I do and see around me.

For now I’ll go, and just leave you to Ramble Round here on CAMPBELLSWORLD I hope you’ll check out all the postings.

There are Originals and Shared Blogger Posts on Rambles. Click Newsletters for The eighborhood News, and Click Guest Blogger for Guest Writers. Not many there. Maybe someone would like to try their hand? Send me a story. Tell us about something you did. Somewhere you went, or something you saw, or someone you met. If you experienced it, and want to share your tale, we’d like to know of it. Keep it between 3000 and 5000 words, make sure it’s edited for punctuation and grammar, and we’ll take a look.

Got a neat Newsletter, or Online Magazine to share? A link or Recipe? Send those along too. The Neighborhood News is always looking for new and interesting stuff.

If it’s interesting to you, we want to know about it. We cannot promise to use absolutely everything we receive. I do have allot of Social Media Groups, pages, and the like to send things to, so I’m always looking for interesting material. Send me your stuff:

If you want to advertise with me…See The Neighborhood News to learn how.

For Now this is Patty and Campbell Lee saying…

May Harmony Find You, and Blessid Be!

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