K Is for King of the Mountain #TuesdayTidbit #Life’sAlphabet #PoetryPlace

K Is for King of the Mountain #TuesdayTidbit #Life’sAlphabet #PoetryPlace


“I’m king of the mountain when I’m in my recliner,” my late husband Bill once proclaimed. Being partially paralyzed by two strokes, unable to do much for himself, he delighted in small things the rest of us take for granted. Today, Bill is gone, but the recliner is still here, and I’m queen of the mountain when I use it.

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K Is for King of the Mountain #TuesdayTidbit #Life’sAlphabet #Inspiration


  1. I’m sure we all feel like we’re monarch of our mountain when we’re in our favorite easy chair. So, I hope you all enjoyed today’s poem and can relate.

  2. Absolutely! I love mine.

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