Just Stopping By at the End of the Day #What’sUp

Just Stopping By at the End of the Day #What’sUp

MAY 29, 2021


Well, it is the end of the day here in Patty’s World and it has, despite all my little snafus this morning, been a productive day. I got some housework and writing done, cooked some food for the week and had an enjoyable unexpected visit from my dad.

He came mid-day and we sat for a little while just chatting with one another. We swapped “Can you believe they did that?” people stories, talked about times gone by and he shared some concerns he had with me.

Now, usually dad is a bit of a worrywart but this time his concerns were valid ones and though I’ll not go into detail here, I will ask your prayers please.

Anyhow, he brought me a bottle of wine. He said he was not totally crazy about this kind and so he wanted to see if I liked it. I did, and well, do and so as I am writing to you, I’m having some. Actually, I have already had some, so technically I’m having some more. LOL.

It is Sutters Home Red Sweet Wine and whilst I don’t usually enjoy red wine because it has a tendency to creep up on me and get me a bit more buzzed than I intended, I do like this and yeah, I’m a little buzzed. But well, that’s OK. I mean it’s Saturday night and I’m sure as hell not driving, right?

OK. Well, I took the entire day off today. Other than answering some email and troubleshooting a few small snag spots here and there I did nothing but what I wanted and needed to do.

Now, I’m headed to the great and powerful chair. I don’t know if I’ll read, listen to podcasts, watch TV or continue listening to my Echo playing the various albums of Jon Coltrane. I don’t know all the names of his tunes, but thanks to the harry Bosch series, I’m sure as heck finding out what I like.

OK seriously gone for now.

You guys have a super great day and remember, it’s up to you to make it that way so have a great one today.

PS. If you did not catch my earlier post, I hope you’ll do so now.

See it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/from-my-book-of-51843559

I really am trying to make a go of that site, so I hope you’ll take the time to visit, like and share a post or two.

Eventually I want to share some paid teaching recordings there, but I must build a following first. You can help me do that.

Thanks in advance and again, have a great day.

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