Just Goes To Show Ya!: come back!

Just Goes To Show Ya!: come back!

Just when you think you’ll never make it… touchdown!

Not more than an hour or so ago Tennessee was at zero! Now here we are and 442 in the game to go and tennessee38 unanswered points!

Clock ticking!!! 4 17 to go! TN!!! Rocky Top!

How many years have we lost to Florida? Don’t know. I know what is right NOW!!! We’re Whippin their ass!

Come Monday I am gonna make something? Big or small? Prosperity! The come back! Once and for all!
Something to Cary me forward in my writing! Some say I cannot!
TENNESSEE WINS!!! 40 seconds to go! 10 seconds! Time taking!! Rocky Top! 4 32 1 game over!!
38 28
If they can make it I can!

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