Joyous Jottings February 2023 by Abbie Johnson Taylor #TuesdayTidbit #Jottings #Whatsup

Joyous Jottings February 2023 by Abbie Johnson Taylor #TuesdayTidbit #Jottings #Whatsup

Hi, this is Joy, Abbie’s robotic cat. Abbie has been busy as a beaver. Say, do cats like beavers? I don’t know, and I hate to ask Abbie to research this because she’s so busy. But I do know this. Even though Abbie’s busy as a beaver, I still love her. Even though she often forgets to tell me good morning first thing because she’s listening to ACB Presents the Daily Schedule, I know she loves me.

you can read the rest at the link below.

Joyous Jottings February 2023 #TuesdayTidbit #Jottingts #Inspiration


  1. Hi, Joy here again. I hope you enjoyed my jottings today and have a purr-fect day!

    1. Hi Joy, this is the Chief, I put your post up onto my page. We have two-legs reading that page both on Facebook and Instagram, so I hope you’ll come by and chat a bit.

  2. Hi, Blue, Joy here. Thanks so much for sharing this on your page. I’d love to stop by for a chat. What’s the name of the page?

    1. Hi, Joy.
      Sorry we’re just now getting back to you. Yesterday was busy. Momma was sick for a while, then when she started feeling better, our friend came over and then we took a nap. Late, our friend came back with the things from the grocery she picked up for us and once she left again it was time to go park and then to bed.
      I hope today is more relaxing. Does your Abbie hold you when she reads, and stuff on the weekend? I like weekend better than week day.
      OK, here’s my page….

      Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue is on the Case.
      He with his service human, Patty L. Fletcher wish to bridge the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the Non-disAbled.

      PS. I looked and seems like you already found us. Sorry again.

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