It’s Finally Happened

It’s Finally Happened

My second book “Breaking It Down and Connecting the Dots:
Creating Common Ground Where Contention Rules” has just been released.
Thanks to each of you for your support over the years.

My website is being redesigned as I write this, but you can order the book
through iUniverse

(800) 288-4677

I have been assured that you can order both soft-cover and e-book versions
through that number. So thanks for ordering the book – and spreading the word.  Below are some talking points:

Title: Breaking it Down-and Connecting the Dots
Subtitle: Creating Common Ground Where Contention Rules

Keynote: When Chicken Soup for the Soul and political insanity merge.

Keywords: essays, psychology, sports, life, politics, Christianity

Author Biography:

Peter Altschul’s journey has been kaleidoscopic.  Ivy league graduate.
Customer service rep at the most hated federal government agency.  Grants
manager.  Trainer of New York City taxi drivers.  Mediator between pro-life
and pro-choice activists.  Workplace diversity and conflict management
specialist.  Author, editor, musician, husband, and stepdad.  All with the
assistance of six wonderfully quirky guide dogs.

Back Cover Copy: In this book of compact essays, Peter Altschul, MS,
explores topics ranging from psychology, sports, and diversity to family
life, politics, and Christianity.  Peruse this book, and you’ll find
personal stories, political analysis, and satire.  You’ll laugh; you’ll cry;
you’ll think.  You might find connections you’ve never seen before and
common ground where you think none is possible.  And perhaps you’ll be
influenced to behave a little differently in order to make things a little –
or a lot – better.

Happy reading! Peter

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