Introducing Message Crafters – Toast Masters #Tip #NewsNuggets

Introducing Message Crafters – Toast Masters #Tip #NewsNuggets

Introducing Message Crafters – Online Toast Masters

What is, Message Crafters? And how can it help you?

Think of Message Crafters as a communications gym where you can develop your personal strengths, stop your weaknesses kicking your butt, and build upon your unique personality so you develop a speaking style that is authentically you.

Message Crafters is an online Toastmasters club which is dedicated to helping people boost their confidence while comfortably socializing with others who understand the challenges of living in our complicated world.

We can stop you from being boring. That’s not to say you are boring. We know you aren’t. But we also know that people sometimes choose to communicate in a boring way because it’s ‘professional’ or because ‘it’s how others do it’ or even simply because they don’t know any better.

That’s where Message Crafters comes in: We can help you navigate the challenges of life.


You can learn…



Presenting / Public speaking is listed as people’s number one fear: More scary than death. Which is why it’s crucial to establish a warm and positive training environment for members to practice presenting. And that’s what you get: road-tested training, time to practice and positive feedback in a warm, relaxed environment that makes people actually want to get up in front of an audience.

Responding to life’s ‘Say what?’ Moments

Life isn’t predictable. Master the art of speaking off the cuff and learn to handle any questions, complaints or audience responses. No preparation? No problem.

Each meeting has an impromptu-speaking practice session where you’ll perfect the art of responding to the unexpected, so you can face the world with the belief that you can handle whatever comes your way.

All our meetings are online.

 Online training and accessible materials are available

 You’ll make lots of friends!

 You can attend from the convenience of your home!

 Cost…

Under $100/year

Drop by as our guest and check out the fun!

Join our meeting Virtually via Zoom.


Fridays @ 5:30 – 6:45pm (New York Time)


Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 270 409 149

Passcode: 292848

For more about Message Crafters and to learn how to become a member please visit:

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