Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Jo Ann Maxwell

Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Jo Ann Maxwell

I invite, and encourage you to read this most awesome Author Interview!
This Introduce Yourself series rocks. It allows me to get to know authors such as, the wondrously talented, Jo Ann Maxwell.
Although, I’ve just learned of this magnificently interesting Author, their talent shines through.
The answers to questions, given here, such as…
What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
I take it you’re religious?
Blew me away!

The bio is most incredible, and what I learned about MS. And the realization of all living and working with such a disease as that, makes me realize just how amazingly fortunate I am, to only have the few miner disAbilities I deal with each day.

Again, don’t skip this interview. If you do, you’ll miss out.

Source: Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Jo Ann Maxwell


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