Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Dan Alatorre

Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Dan Alatorre

Yall remember when I was featured on this blog? No…! Well, you must have not been following then. It’s here, hunt it up…

In the meantime, one of my favorite self-published authors is here!

He has lots of great things to say, but the one thing that caught my attention…

What’s the most difficult thing about being a writer? The most exciting thing?

The most exciting thing is creating words on a page that make people laugh, or make them cry, or open their minds or make them totally conceive of a world you created, and they go, hand in hand, your willing accomplice, into it with you. Playing them like a piano, knowing: get ready, get ready, here it comes, BOOM – they get to the sad part and they have tears streaming down their face, and then you insert a line and they are laughing through the tears. That is awesome. It’s a super power only writers possess. The worst thing? When it doesn’t work.

It takes me back to the early days of my first published book. A reader walked up to me and said, “WOW! Your book is real emotional. One minute I was laughing, next, I would cry, and in the next moment I was so angry I could reach right through the pages and rip out someone’s lungs.”

That’s when I knew I was successful…

Take a look, and get to know an author, who is surely to become a hit in the world of writing real soon.


Source: Introduce Yourself: Introducing Guest Author Dan Alatorre


  1. Thank you for the kind words. It was a blast doing that interview, and it was truly humbling to see you reblog it.

    1. Well, of course I’d reblog it! Firstly, you’re very good. You encourage me every day I read your posts. I’m loving your, ‘Angel On Her Shoulder’ and so I want all my readers to know who you are.

      Your blogs are so very refreshing. Each day I swim through WordPress and the first trouble I have is that there are repeats of blog posts all over. I try to not reblog things I’ve seen three or four places, and I’ve noted that the majority of your blogs are, A) original, or 😎 guest bloggers.

      I find that fabulous, and am striving to be more like that.

      My blog stats are popping every other day now, and I’m pleased, but I want more! I want to be the best blogger, and published author I can be.

      I, know the feeling you speak of. This morning, someone who does an online magazine wrote and asked permission to publish my Positive Perspective Educating the Uneducated: Trials and Triumphs of a Blind Patient. Never has anything I’ve ever blogged gotten such attention.

      It’s been shared and reshared all over social media, and it’s almost overwhelming. I, want to give that feeling to others, so reblogging is a way for me to do so.

      Keep on Keeping on, and have a look at

      It is by far some of the most important work I’ve done thus far.

      Dan you inspire me to be the best I can, and I’m grateful.

      1. Thanks, Patty. You’re pretty inspiring yourself.

        1. We all have our chosen work. Work we’re placed here in this world to do.

          It’s been amazing what has come from my long battle of illness, and I can only hope to be up to the challenges ahead.

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