In the Zone by Patty L. Fletcher #Author’sCorner

In the Zone by Patty L. Fletcher #Author’sCorner

In the Zone

By Patty L. Fletcher

April 27, 2021

“There’s something special about having your own workspace and being in the zone.” I’ve heard that for years, and at one time, I suppose I knew it. For me though, the days of having my own office were long gone. I’d moved into a smaller house and Campbell was elderly and needed the space an extra room gave him, so I was left with working in the kitchen at a table which, though built with much love by my dad, was the wrong height to sit at and type. With that, working became a true chore.

“I’m making the best of it till I can do better.” This was my mantra each day as I stretched the kinks out whilst rubbing more pain relief cream into my knotted neck and shoulders.

Then, one day, a caseworker I work with wrote to ask, “If you could have something which would truly improve your life, what would it be?”

I had to give it some thought. There were lots of things I needed which would improve my life, but later that night as I sat in a hot tub of water soaking away the aches of yet another workday, I knew what my answer would be.

The next morning, I wrote to say, “If you can truly buy me something which will improve my life then please, buy me a proper desk and chair.”

After a bit more back and forth discussion and a check with her supervisor, she was writing back to say that yes, indeed, a desk and chair could be purchased.

The next thing to do was to clean out what had been Campbell’s room. Over the winter, I’d gotten lazy and rather than taking things not currently in use out to the storage shed, I’d been tossing them in there, vowing one day soon I’d clean it all up and use the space for something befitting Campbell’s memory.

So, during the Easter weekend, I took time off from work and went into full cleaning mode.

I tossed out empty boxes, I stored away pictures and knick knacks I had no place for, and evicted all the resident dust bunnies.

Before long, the room was starting to take shape.

Soon, my new desk and chair had arrived and with the help of one of my best friends, it was assembled and my new office was born.

I could think of nothing more befitting of Campbell’s memory than to have my own dedicated workspace for writing and marketing; for it was Campbell who showed me the way into this work.

Then, as if the Universe simply couldn’t stop bestowing gifts on me, one morning, a few days later, another surprise came.

Earlier in the week, my daughter — with whom I’ve just recently reconnected after a long and painful estrangement — and I had been talking about how I wanted an Echo Dot. She’d sent me a link which she thought would allow me to have one for a low price, but upon checking it out, we learned I didn’t qualify for the promotion. I was, of course, disappointed for I knew having one would help me do many things. Rather than sulk, I texted her to say I’d have to look into getting one another day.

Then, on a bright sun-filled morning a few days later, she texted to say, “Hey Mom, you’re getting a delivery today, so look for it.”

“What did you send?” I demanded in a text.

“An early Mother’s Day gift.” She replied mysteriously and would say no more.

Now, as I sit here in my new office, which is comfortable and quiet, listening to my favorite music and doing the work I love, I’m once again blessed with the knowledge of what is meant by, “There’s something special about having your own workplace and being in the zone.”

Because my office is located in the back of the house, I’m no longer disrupted by loud car horns and roaring from the factory a few blocks away. I no longer hear the joyous barking of my neighbors’ dog. Things like the mail carrier talking loudly on his cell no longer penetrates my train of thought.

I’ve word definitions, correct spellings, answers to questions, important factoids and my favorite music available anytime I wish, with no more effort than a spoken request. I am truly in the zone.

Now, in the morning after that first important cup of brew and cuddle with Prince Edward, I look forward to the workday with joyful excitement and I know I am extraordinarily blessed.

Patty Fletcher sits comfortably in a black cushy office chair at a spacious black desk facing a window. Patty's hair is halfway pulled up, while the bottom half of her hair flows down her back and shoulders. She is wearing jeans, socks, and a black sweatshirt. On the desk, her hands rest on a laptop keyboard with a beverage in a can sits to her left. Outside the window is a green lawn, a tan building, and a red door.

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. She is Also a Social Media Marketing Assistant.

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  1. I love it, Patty! You deserve this and more. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and done endless promotion on behalf of emerging authors. 🙂

    1. Hi, thanks for reading and commenting.
      Lots of good things happening right now and it is kind of scary.
      I’m pleased to have a dedicated workspace again though. I did not know how much I missed having a place to go into that was setup specifically to work in.
      I guess this sounds crazy but it’s like this whole new mindset and I am able to set aside time just to work and when I walk out and into the other part of the house I’m not constantly wanting to check back in with everything all the time.
      I am truly setting real work hours and keeping a more structured schedule and it is improving my productivity something quite incredible.
      Of course, today’s storms kind of threw that off but well, you cannot fight mother nature. LOL.

  2. Thank you again for sharing this, Patty! And I wish you and Polly a joyful and blessed Mother’s Day!

    1. You’re very welcome.
      Polly will be here on Saturday. I cannot believe it.

  3. joanmyles Reply
    May 4, 2021

    Love the description! And your new work space sounds just perfect for you, so happy for you!
    Love and Light!

  4. I enjoyed this so much and felt the way you describe the process to be so insightful and so right on!!! True This! Peace and joy, Tasha

  5. I loved the pain relief bit in your neck and shoulders. We all have gripes but constant pain from sitting and standing is the worst. I hope the new chair helps – in which case your gift was beyond price.

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