In Search of Feedback #Blogging #Feedback #Followers

In Search of Feedback #Blogging #Feedback #Followers

Good afternoon to All! I hope you’re doing super on this 2-22-22 Tuesday afternoon.

Today, I’m reaching out to my followers to get some much-needed feedback on my blog.

Since changing over to a new web hosting platform in spring of 2021 I’ve learned to do a whole bunch of neat stuff on my own, thanks to the web hosting platform being totally accessible for my screen reader software.

I’d be lying, if I said I blog only for those who follow and read my blog. Truthfully, I love blogging. I love reading other’s blogs and sharing the work they take the time to share with us and I love creating new posts for my followers to enjoy and share as well.

Now, as we fly toward spring of 2022, I’m coming to you and asking for your feedback. Here are some things I’d love to know.

  1. Are there certain types of content you like better than others? If so, what are they and why?
  2. Are there things my guests and I can do to make your reading and commenting experience better? If so, what are they?
  3. I’m trying to engage more with my readers for I must admit, the green-eyed monster comes to visit sometimes, when I see other bloggers getting all sorts of comments and having such grand conversations while for the most part my blog sits quietly alone. What can I do to help you want to engage more with the posts and those who write them?

Now, the next part is so easy, it’s like falling off a log. Now that you’ve read this post, please leave a comment, and answer the questions and if I didn’t hit the right question and you’ve got other feedback, let me know about it as well.

Here are some step-by-step instructions for those using screen reader technology to help you find your way.

To leave a comment on the post is easy. After you’re finished reading, arrow/scroll down to where you see the sharing links. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Etc. If you’re on any of those social media outlets listed, please feel free to use those links to share. But once you pass that, you’ll see a like link. Use that too. Just click/(press enter) and you’ve automatically liked the post. Keep going after that is done and you’ll find a place to leave a comment. Write your thoughts, then tab out of that field and you’ll see a comment button, but before you use that, arrow up once, hit that checkbox for receiving follow up email responses and then go back to the comment button below press the spacebar and you’re all done.

Now, I’m off to feed the furry overlords, eat some supper myself and then it’s off to Zoom for an evening of hosting in the ACB Community!

I’ll be checking back throughout the evening for your amazing responses. I cannot wait to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, may harmony find you and blessid be.


  1. Chanelle Allen Reply
    February 22, 2022

    I enjoy the posts but don’t always know what to say. I don’t have a chance to read everything, but emails where the entire blog post is included are especially helpful. I don’t often check social media, so having the blog posts come directly to my email is great.

  2. Patty, ever since I started participating in the Open Book and Six-Sentence Story blog hops, I’ve attracted more comments, likes, and follows. So, I suggest this as a way to draw more followers to your blog. You can join the Open Book Blog Hop group on Facebook, and the prompts and links to the hop site are usually posted there on Wednesday for the following week. Denise sends out the prompt word for the Six-Sentence Story hop on Sunday, and a reminder with a link to the actual hop site on Wednesday. These hops can be a little time-consuming, but they’re worth it.

    As for responding to comments on your blog, I was about to suggest that in the class you’re planning on how to comment on blog posts with a screen reader, you include a lesson on what to say once you learn how to get into that comment field. 😉 Sometimes, I’m at a loss as to what to say. I think the best course of action is to pay attention to what other bloggers say when they respond to comments. Sometimes, that has helped me.

  3. Okay, here goes:
    **I love the Paws on the Street episodes, and all things Patty
    **I like some reposts, but they feel a bit predictable at times
    **Maybe more artsy stuff–like articles about dance or voice, or ways to express the inexpressible human soul
    HOw’s that?

  4. Victoria Zigler Reply
    February 23, 2022

    My favourite posts are the ones from Blue’s point of view, and the peeks in to your life, though I do also enjoy the guest posts and articles too. As for commenting… I don’t comment on most posts on most of the blogs I follow, because I generally don’t have much to say on them besides, “Great post,” or something like that, so really there’s not much you can do about that.

    1. Hi Tori, after reading yours and other’s feedback, I may have a surprise or two for everyone.
      Standby and thanks for your comment.

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