In Loving Memory of Bobcat

In Loving Memory of Bobcat

Hello to everyone!

Today I want to pay special tribute to a loving wonderful cat. His name was Bob Cat. He first came to be in my life after my now EX-fiancé left for prison. It was very clear that he did not know if he wanted to be my cat or not. It was also clear to me that he was not very healthy. Donnie and I had differing opinions on how to care for animals, and while many felt I agreed with his ways and some worried it might compromise Campbell’s care nothing could have been further from the truth. 

The first health issues to be dealt with upon my taking charge of Bob Cat was to have a hematoma removed from his ear, update his vaccines, and to have him fixed. While he was at the vet having these things taken care of Campbell, Celine Kitty and I were taking care of the task of moving from the three bed room garage we’d called home for the first two years Campbell. Celine and I had been together, into the main house. We not only had to get everything downstairs but we also had to adjust to adding Rocky Dog also acquired from mine and Donnie’s break up to the mix. 
Once I felt things were a bit settled, and Bob Cat was sufficiently healed I brought him home. He took one good look at the new arrangements and promptly went into hiding. For the first few days the only way I knew he was around was when his food would disappear his litter box would need cleaning, or I would hear he and Celine Kitty discussing living arrangements at three in the morning. I have to tell you Rocky. Campbell and I stayed out of those talks. Although there was never bloodshed so far as I could tell it got quite heated on several occasions. 
One night as Campbell slept in his crate, Rocky snoozed on the front porch, and Celine was tucked safely away in my bed room closet I began to send thoughts to Bob Cat. In my mind I said, “Bob  Cat I love you and I want to be your mommy if you will let me.” After a while I heard a thud from somewhere in the house. Then there was Bob Cat sitting on the table beside me. I made no sound. Nor did I move to touch him. After a bit he nudged my hand and I gently began to stroke his head. This went on for about a week. Then one night he simply came running into the living room after the others had gone to bed, jumped into my lap curled himself up and purred himself to sleep. 
Once he and all the others understood that I had love for them all we began to learn to live and love together. 
After a while Rocky went to live with another family, and it was just me, Bob Cat, Celine Kitty and King Campbell. Then one sad day Celine left to go to the Rainbow Bridge and soon Bob Cat was happily enjoying being the only kitty. We spent many happy hours curled together reading, or writing in our favorite chair. He joined Campbell and I for many morning sniff-fest sessions, and he and Campbell hung out with me many summer nights on the front porch enjoying the breeze as it whispered to us through the trees. 
Now my sweet Bob Cat has gone on to be with Celine Kitty at the Rainbow Bridge, and it is now just King Campbell and me. A few days back Bob Cat fell ill and when I rushed him to the vet I  learned he’d had a tumor in his abdomen and I’d not known of it until it had burst. He was thirteen years old and I knew the most loving thing to do was to let him go. So on June 22 2016 he went purring peacefully away while I held him one last time. 
Run free Bob Cat and have all the mice you can hold . 

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