Impressions: dictated

Impressions: dictated

Listening to music early in the morning. Sunday hymns, and respect for this day, and the good memories it holds. So I thought? Ask listen to, Mormon Tabernacle choir. Request granted. Music began to play. Good memory, fade. Something else took hold. Another memory. Swirled in, unbidden. Darkness, cloaking the light. Snuffing it right out! I remember, I was there. Among them all. Speaking, in conversation, reacting, acting. I did not belong. I remember, only one place, with in that circle, where I belong in the women in their grouping I was one with them. That longing, that need to, that desire to feel more lead me to where I am now.

Light, lead to darkness, darkness lid to contemplation, searching, and this led to Light once again.

The journey is the fun. The fun is the journey. I am learning. Contrast, shows what you do not want. Attract what it is you do. Live as if. We have heard it all before, in many ways, done in many times. Repeating…💕

We all do it different. I have been lost for a few days, in my head. Wrestling with old memories, dealing with hurt feelings. Trying to make sense of it all. I am coming through. I am climbing back up the scale. I will be OK. It will not be the last time this happens.

Each season with its changes, brings to me, such drastic feeling, emotion from not just myself, but from others that it becomes at times overwhelming. Yet, I live I sometimes a shout that I cannot but in truth I am. So are we all!

We live, we are triumphant!

The wheel turns, we continue.

In three days, I will have completed another year on this earth. I feel in some ways I have fallen behind, short of what I should be. In other ways, I feel as though I am where I belong. In others still, I am unsure.

Round we go again…

☸️ ♏️

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