***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!*** #HealthWorld #NewsNuggets #What’sUp

***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!*** #HealthWorld #NewsNuggets #What’sUp

Hello everyone!

I’m posting this announcement in an effort to stop a miscommunication.

It has come to my attention that someone has become confused about my sickness and has told a group of writers that I’m to have open heart surgery.

Dear, Dear, me, the rumors of such drastic measures are highly exaggerated and unfounded.in a word, False.

What I said to someone in this group was that I was to have a test for a heart condition the treatment for which can lead to open heart surgery.

This is how miscommunications begin. When people begin discussing amongst their friends, things which were discussed in a private email between a very few people.

I will always update all of you if such drastic events should need to take place in my life. The best way for anyone to know about me is to follow me here and if unsure, email. I’m grateful for a friend of mine alerting me to this. She said she had hoped I’d tell her something like that. Which of course I’d have done.

Please, please pretty please? Make certain of information before you pass it.

Thanks, I now return you to your regular #WordPressWednesday!

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  1. Hi Patty, I had not heard this but I am glad it isn’t true and I hope your tests come back with a good result.

    1. Hey Robbie, so sorry to just now be reading and responding to this. Thanks for reading and for your good wishes. I’m sleeping a bit more than I wish I was at odd times of the day but I’m back to the doctor on the 19TH so just maintaining until then.

  2. Yes, that is how rumours start. Glad to hear it is not true and pray that your tests come back soon with a result that will lead to whatever treatment you may need.

  3. Hi Carla, I’m better than I was but not quite where I want to be.
    Doctor on the 19Th.
    Thanks for reading and visiting Patty’s Worlds.

  4. Hi, everyone.
    I’m back to comment here on this ongoing health situation.
    First, thanks again for reading and commenting. To me, it’s a big deal when people take the time to not only read but to comment as well.
    I’ll have tests at the end of this month on my heart, lungs, and we’re going to go ahead and toss in a mammogram because transportation can at times be tricky and my insurance has requested it and it’s in the same building as the CT scan for my lungs. May as well rule out as many things as possible and keep everyone happy too. LOL.
    I shouldn’t have to wait so long for such tests. But here we are. Ah well, My GYN will be happy too. LOL.
    I shall overcome and survive because of friends like you.
    Have a beautiful day and enjoy your visit to Patty’s Worlds.

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