“I’m Working It!” 😉

“I’m Working It!” 😉

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with, for, and against VR/Blind Services.

Everyone has a horror story.

Things go well. Then they don’t. There is barely any in between.

I leaped through hoop after hoop. Caught up in the circling circus of it all.

Finally, by the Gods, I’ve come through victorious on the other side.

I didn’t get everything I wanted, but I fought for and got my immediate need.

I managed to have permission granted from the genie who decides who gets what, and I’m to receive a “Lender Computer” while I’m in “Training”

They’re also installing the latest JFW subscription as well as NVDA.

I’m excited to have gotten this battle won. The computer I’m on has keys which barely work, and it crashes often.

It’s a chore to do my work at times. Yet, the work must continue.

Also, not long ago, I applied for a job. The qualifications are right up my alley, but I also know the competition is fierce. I’m up to the task and am hopeful of a full interview process.

They were very communicative during the lengthy online application process. I had some trouble but a friend of mine came to my rescue and helped with the invisible, at least to me, electronic signature. They are now aware of it and I’m happy to say I feel it will absolutely be fixed.

I felt great about having done such a thing successfully and with such great conversation between myself and the company.

Also on the positive front, we went to the Wonderful World of Oz, and Blue did great.

There was singing, clapping, hollering, a wicked witch who Blue distrusted from moment one.

We went to eat after, and we all had a great time.

I felt right at home and am now in talks with the theater concerning audio description.

If you have low or no vision, please make requests for accommodations as anyone would in such a situation. They might not have the equipment but each time someone asks it is noted somewhere. It’s important to remain visible in what is at times for us, an invisible world.

Click here for more.

Speaking of tech troubles, and visibility, not long ago, I had an issue when trying to log in on one of my newest shopping sites. Until this day, I’d never had a spot of trouble except I bought too many things at once.

Suddenly though, because I could not see one of the buttons with either screen reader on the computer or voiceover on my iPhone, I couldn’t change my password and my account got locked.

It took six emails with me becoming more specific, straight to the point with a sharp point each time I replied.

Finally, yesterday I got an email which read, “Ms. Fletcher, we have found the problem and see you are right. Our technical staff is working on the problem.”

Fine, but what about my purchases I had in my cart on which the sale price has long since vanished?

This is making me angry to the highest order. I wanted those darn shoes.



Stay tuned for more.

See Dream Products.

I’ve just written yet another letter. I’m hopeful of a resolution.

Well, for now, this is Patty saying, “Advocate. Advocate. Advocate.” And Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue saying, “Keep your nose to the ground, and your tail waving at the sky.”

See ya!


  1. robbiesinspiration Reply
    June 7, 2024

    HI Patty, I’m glad you have a lender computer for the time being. The Wizard of Oz sounds great.

    1. Hi, Robbie. The Wonderful World of Oz was, well, 🙂 onderful.
      I’ll have the lender on the 26TH.
      After it’s set up I’ll have my own tech go over it.
      It will help me go toard getting things I need tech wise. This, will help prove need.

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