I’ll Try! I’ll Try! and I’ll Try Some More! #PoetryPlace

I’ll Try! I’ll Try! and I’ll Try Some More! #PoetryPlace

Good afternoon everyone. I hope this post finds you doing well.

Now, I’m the first to admit I haven’t the first idea how to correctly write a poem. I know nothing about correct style or form, but the following is something which came out of me through my fingers and into a document before I could stop it and now, I’m sharing it here with you!


MAY 25, 2021



It may be the moon’s waxing power.

It may be the complaint of the hour.

It might be the sickness, which is currently plaguing me, But something’s for sure got the better of me.


I’m grumpy, growly, and ready to stand up and fight!

Even though my heart tells me it’s not quite worth all the excite.


People spewing stupidity such as I can’t before they ever try, Just makes me shake my head and want to cry.


I was raised with the mindset of, I can’t means I won’t, Was taught to always try before asking for help.


But today, more and more I see, People begging, just do it for me.


In good conscience I can’t, Because if I do it takes the joy from you.


The joy of learning.

The joy of pride.

That feeling of accomplishment which will grow inside.

The feeling of accomplishment which only you can feel Once you know to succeed on your own is quite a thrill.


I’ll try! I’ll try!

My mother taught me to chant.


She told me the world already expects that you can’t.


Show them just what you’ve got Because my child it’s quite a lot.


So, say it with me again and again!

I’ll try and I’ll try and until I succeed, I’ll try, and I’ll try some more.


I’ll try until I can roar, I did it! I did it! Look at me!

See, I really can succeed!


And that’s the end. So, it’s time for a cup of tea!



  1. Awe inspiring! This is a beautiful poem and so true. Very motivational. I love it! Thank you for sharing it, Patty.

    1. hi Marlene, thanks, glad you liked it.
      Hope you stop by and comment on your sips of wine sometime cause I have a question to ask you for the readers.
      Love ya!

  2. I love this! So creative!

  3. Loved it, very charming poem. Thanks for sharing.Blessings, Tasha

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