If you Don’t Want People To Know How You Are, Don’t Be That Way: Random Musings Evening In the Campbell Kingdom

If you Don’t Want People To Know How You Are, Don’t Be That Way: Random Musings Evening In the Campbell Kingdom

Good evening CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Here’s hoping this awesome fall evening finds you feeling most fantastic! I myself have had a busy but productive week. I am very glad it is Friday, and that the weekend is here.

First of the week we celebrated Campbell’s 7TH birthday. The two of us took off in the late afternoon for what was to have been a brief park time, and had returned worn slap out, and full of laughter and sun an hour and half or so later. We went out, ran into an obstacle, and due to my misjudging distance, and angle, we ended up on the wrong side of the street, and near the other end of the neighborhood in two wags of a Bubba’s Tail!
I have to say it was some great fun. As we came loping down this particularly hilly walk, alongside a quiet stretch of road a lady called, “Can you wait a moment? May I talk with you?” I stopped, and waited, while catching my breath. To be quite honest I was glad for the moment’s rest. Every darn time we do this, Campbell gets his switch turned onto full tilt! And there’s no slowing him down. He’s never failed to get me home, but he loves to go someplace new.

When the lady got to us she said, “Do you train dogs? Can you maybe teach my dog obedience, and show me how to work with him?” I nearly laughed. It was a close thing. Taking a breath I said, “No ma’am, I don’t train dogs.” She asked, “You’re not training him?” Then I could not help it. I laughed. I said with what I hoped was a good natured friendly smile, “No ma’am, he’s my guide. I’m totally blind.” She stopped for a moment, stood, and I’m sure she was looking at us a bit closer. She said, “I’d have never known had you not pointed it out. That’s amazing.” I said, “Well, I haven’t told you the funny part.” She said, “What do you mean?” “Well, just by the way? Could you tell me the name of this street? My dog and I have been cooped up since the Thanksgiving holiday due to a bit of turky thieving and upset tummy on his part, and this afternoon, we took a short cut that wasn’t and have ended up here.” She was a bit amazed when she understood where we’d come from. The decision I’d made to walk a bit after realizing my mistake back at the street crossing to look for a familiar land mark, had led us seriously astray. Near a mile or so from the house, and we were going in the wrong direction. She asked if she might walk with us a ways back, so she could watch him work. Her honesty in asking rather than saying she wanted to see us safely home made me feel great, and I happily allowed her to follow behind, giving directions and reading street signs till I got back to a more familiar area. We parted with me telling her where I lived, and giving her my website. It was a great time, and if she’s reading now, “HI! Neighbor”

I always like to start with a positive, and I cannot think of a more positive experience than that. I hope you enjoyed reading it much as I enjoyed telling it.

Over the weekend I worked on packing boxes for our move, and alternated between email Facebook, and reading a book. Sometime during the weekend someone told me that it had been said parts of my book were highly inappropriate and exaggerated, and in another two blog posts shown here on this blog, I addressed that issue. I wrote my thoughts and feelings out clearly in posts, Voice From My heart 1&2 and since that time have added the following thoughts to what I wrote, and here they are for you to read. It is the first time I’m including them in a post of this kind.

First off I wrote my book to the very best of my ability, as accurately politely, and respectfully as was within my ability. I wrote my experiences as I knew them to be and stand by all just as I did the day I published it. I also still have heard nothing from anyone concerning these so called opinions other than from the one telling the tale. I encourage whomever said these things to speak, or remain ever silent. If you’re not going to confront me with your suspicions, and give me a chance to directly defend myself, then shut your mouth. Stop using the rumor mill as your voice.

As I previously stated I have legal permission to use all names, etc written of in my book, and in the years following its release in 2014 I’ve had no complaints. If you have any further question of The Seeing Eye’s approval or disapproval, or Mr. Andrew Gibbon’s opinion please direct them to The Seeing Eye by visiting their website at http://TheSeeingEye.org
I for one consider the matter closed. I cannot please everyone all the time, everyone’s experiences and perceptions are different according to many different things, and so I can only write of what I know.
I do however, know from where I speak.
If it weren’t for The Seeing Eye, and other similar schools we blind persons would not have such awesome dogs, and I could not get lost and have such fun, and so I’m just way glad for the opportunity. I used to get scared if I even took a wrong turn in my own back yard, then I got Campbell and my entire life changed. Quite literally in an instant the differences were there and obvious in front of me! I’ve been asked when I’d ever get over it, and stop being amazed. My answer is the same, and will never be any different. “The day I stop being amazed by the wonderful things these most awesome beings we call Dog Guides do is the day I need to hang up the harness and never work a dog again.” Just the fact that I can get lost with the assurance that I will not fall over anything or get hurt.
It is great fun.

The many things I have gotten to experience since bringing him home I’d have never done otherwise I still don’t have adequate wording to describe how I feel.

As my sweet gentle giant snores in the chair nearby, and I finish this post, I know just what an awesome privilege it is to own and work this magnificent beast.

I am getting ready to move from here soon, and who knows what adventures await. I get excited and scared all at the same time, but I am encouraged by the fact that Campbell and I have weathered a many a storm since coming home and we’re tighter and more of a sound team than ever before. So Look! Out! World! King Campbell Super Fabulous Seeing Eye Dog and I are coming through!

Until next time this is Patty and Campbell saying…
“If you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way. And if you do, then do it right! If not, then stop!”
May harmony find you. Blessid Be!

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