“If You Always Do What You Did, You’ll Always Have What You Had”

“If You Always Do What You Did, You’ll Always Have What You Had”


Patty L Fletcher

March 10 2016

 I ask you to suspend any disbelief of the subject matter in the writing below, and simply think about the lesson to be learned. First let me explain how this applies to me and the situation I am in.

I don’t necessarily know how many lives I may or may not have lived before. It’s possible it has been one-thousand, it’s possible that reincarnation is not real. None of us can say for one-hundred percent sure about anything.

So rather than taking this lesson to mean that I am either trying to fix past life  mistakes, or stopping myself from making future ones, I have taken this and put it in to my life now, as well as things I have done in my past.

For example. Right now I’m out of work.

Truth of the matter, although my leaving my previous job was pretty much necessary, if I had it to do over, I might not have jumped away so quickly. Things haven’t gone quite as I’d hoped, and now I find myself seriously needing to go back to work, and not able to find work to go back to.

Lesson? We don’t know what we have until it’s gone.

Another example, I have had many relationships go wrong over the years, and all for much the same reason. So, what should I do about these things?

Try and evaluate my life, look at what I am doing the same, yet expecting a different result.

I’m still not sure of all that is wrong that I need to correct, or what I might be getting better at, that just needs a good shine. I have some ideas though and writings such as what I’m about to  share, help me pick through and figure out what I want more of and what I never want again. 

I know I don’t want to allow myself in to another abusive relationship. Two of those is quite enough thanks. I don’t want to ever get another job, and allow myself to, in the end leave feeling like I never made a difference, or mattered to those I left behind. I absolutely don’t ever again want to end up in a situation where I end up so sick, I make someone who was a dear and precious friend, and teacher to me hate me to the point they wish they’d never worked with me.

I also wish to learn just exactly how to repair the damage done to mine and my daughter’s relationship. However, I do know that one cannot all be done by me.

My point is this. Whether we’re looking at a past life, or a past year, if you find problems in your life which seem to be repeating themselves, odds are you need to check yourself. What you’re doing, saying, or believing that is causing a repeat of mistake, otherwise, the one thing is clear, it simply will not fix itself.

Bottom line?

“If you always do what you did, you’ll always have what you had.”

Read the below writing and see what it says to you.

Soul Evolution
Lightening the Soul

by Madisyn Taylor

It is only when we actively seek to work through our issues that we can lighten the load and our souls can evolve.

From the moment we are born, our souls may feel heavy because they are carrying the weight of all we have lived, loved, and learned in our past incarnations. It is only when we actively seek to work through our issues that we can lighten the load and our souls can evolve. Divesting ourselves of what no longer serves us, such as unwarranted fear, the inability to feel empathy, or self-limiting behaviors, are just some of the many challenges we may face in this lifetime. While some issues we face are easier to deal with because they are the final remains of residue from a past life, other issues offer greater challenges because we are meant to work through them throughout this lifetime.

Often, we expect ourselves to recover quickly from difficult or painful circumstances. When we do not or cannot, we may feel emotionally inept or hopeless. The evolution of the soul, however, is an ongoing process that can take many lifetimes. It is a matter of accepting that even when we do our best there are going to be situations, people, and outcomes that we cannot control. It is also important to remember that your experiences now may be setting the groundwork for future healing—whether in this lifetime or the next one. The more you release in each time, the more you grow and the more your soul will evolve.

Although it is not always possible to work through all of our issues in a single lifetime, it is important that we confront what we are called to face in this life and do the work we need to do. It is also important to remember that the most effective way to let your soul grow is to be an active participant in life. Be present in each moment and your soul will do this work for you.

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  1. Just keep trying your best to deal with your current life that is all that can be ask of you

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