I Used To Do That!: Don’t Do It, dictated

I Used To Do That!: Don’t Do It, dictated

As we begin another day, here in the Campbell Kingdom I find myself once again having occasion to come face, to face with a version of my old self. Sadly, this is not a good thing. You say, I used to tell tales of things I had done, or planned to do, with very brightly colored version meaning? Dead it was embellished beautifully with descriptive untruths. To put it quite bluntly, if I could not make it happen in my reality, I could make it happen in the telling.
This behavior might have been OK if one was living the life of a hobbit. You know? One who goes on great adventures, following a quest, and telling stories by Camp fire at night. If, however you are someone like me wanting to be known, in their community, have friends, and a business and the respect of all this lifestyle cannot work correctly. So, gradually, and with some difficulty including loss of friends, and family as well as Great emotional discomfort I gave that behavior up.

Not long ago I read an announcement made by someone who has recently friended me on Facebook whom I met on a group we both belong to saying that she was going to begin college. When I asked what college, and where The answers were so vague it was more than evident the story was untrue. Now, just this morning I have encountered it again. Someone sent me a note saying they were going on vacation. When I asked where, and when, The answers were so general, it was evident that this did not exist.

Except I want to stop you right there. I want to make you understand that in the mind of a person dealing with these types of issues A person having a great need to be wanted, and accepted makes these types of things become reality in the mind. It is now known that one’s brain is not capable of separating then and now, daydream from reality. If a story is told and retold, or play that, and replayed, in the mind, just as with anything else it is really learned, and made real. Knowing this, and working diligently to stop this behavior in my own life makes me hyper sensitive to it and at times a bit disturbed. I want to hug the person doing it. I want to say, don’t do that! Just be your self. You are good like you are. I have learned beginning in 2009 that, to love one’s self is necessary before one can love another. Also, this can be turned and said One must forgive one’s self before one can receive, or give it.

I just want to say, to all of my friends everywhere Who all of my family those who take the time to read this blog. Those who have read my book. Those who are in the book. From now on as much as is possible what you say, is what there is of me. I am learning to like myself. I recommend it highly. What I no longer recommend is a make-believe life.

Until next time may Harmony and peace find you blessed may you be.


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