I Need To Tell You

I Need To Tell You

People must be validated.
They must feel that they’re accepted right where they are.
I get it.
I’m totally blind.
I’ve got Fibro, Arthritis, and Bipolar Disorder.
I’ve been abused. Which, caused Short-term-memory-loss.
I had a UTI/Renal issue which, caused my blood pressure to go sky-high!
Had a brain spasm, which caused more short-term-memory-loss.
I had to tell folks all that too.

I had to tell folks all that too.
One-day I got off the I’m gonna feel sorry for myself wagon, and got onto the I’m gonna learn to live with it and do best I can with it wagon.
That doesn’t mean I don’t still hurt, get over emotional, or forget where the hell I put my bra!
What it means is that I’m done crying, and ready to live.
Like I say, it’s different for everyone…
How long should that take?
I guess it’s different for everyone, but I’d like to tell the author of this blog, that they typed all this telling me with those hands that they say hurt.
I’d like to tell them good job!

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