I Left the Reservation and I ain’t Comen Back

I Left the Reservation and I ain’t Comen Back

I’m so mad right now, I cannot think straight. If I could see all that would be visible is red.

I tried to download an app I need to participate in a project I’m working on. It asked for my password for my Apple ID. I couldn’t remember, I went through the steps to get another password. It wouldn’t let me in even when using the verification code Apple sent.

I called Apple Accessibility hotline. The lady there put me through the same steps and got the same result. Rather than going onto account recovery she made me do it twice more. This locked me out of my account. We bypassed it but when we went to account recovery it asked me for more verification none of which worked.

Now, she’s to call me in an hour. She says we must go through the same shit again so she can take screen shots and audio recordings before it can be moved up the chain. She said and I quote her, “We know this is a flaw and it needs fixed, we can bypass it but we have to do this first.”

They know it’s a flaw yet I had to be locked out of my account and it is going to take several days now to let me in and reset my password?

I am livid. They know this is a problem and they aren’t fixing it? This is not the first time in the last year I’ve had this issue. Apple is full of some BS let me just tell you. Pissed off does not qualify me.

I made damn sure I said so too. I was being polite until she got a snarky tone and said, “Oh I completely understand.”

That’s when it happened. That’s when I began traveling. I left the reservation. I went off. I put on my uniform. I dawned my marching boots and I said, “Are you totally blind? Do you know what it is like to try and listen to codes coming in and type them out quickly enough to suit this damn thing? When have you ever had to do this my way? Just what do you understand?”

To which she had no reply. She did however lose that snarky tone.

I have not come back from my mad place yet and am still off the reservation.

Between this and having to deal with waiting on my coffeepot and having fallen with a crash off the do not order from Uber Eats wagon this has not been a great day so far. At least the coffee I ordered was good.

I wish now I’d ordered brandy to go in it. GRRRR!

PS Spell-check I can cuss if I want to, and I do not care if it is offensive to my reader. Why on earth is it checking for that nonsense?


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