I Do Not Speak

I Do Not Speak

Hi CAMPBELLS WORLD VISITORS I’m writing this morning with a bit of a poem and letter.

Of late I have had allot of hurtful hateful things said to me, about me and I must speak a bit. Yesterday I had some conversation about it all with a couple people, and one person asked why I did not talk about my hurts a bit more. Said maybe putting words to them would help. Another asked why I had trouble being myself. I’m going to try and answer… Because I used to speak of them and I learned that it really was not acceptable to do so. And Because I had begun to be myself more and more and have met with allot of rejection. Just this morning I received a message asking me to no longer forward emails to a list I’ve been doing so since my beginning with them. Why? Because it came from the Herbal Witches list I belong to. It was the first time I’d ever forwarded something from there and was the only one I’d ever received negativity from. I’m so tired of that.

I do not speak because no one wants to hear.
I do not speak because to know me is to not love me and me to fear.
I do not speak because if anyone knows all of me they run away, and they never come back another day.
I do not speak because I am unworthy unwanted, and unloveable.
I do not speak my truth because it is only really true to me.

Thanks for reading if you do, and blessid be.
I have no category or tag word. I can only think of one, and it would not lead anyone here. I am not sure how much longer I’ll be blogging or writing. I am just so very empty hurt and feel so very horrible inside. People do not mean it when they say love and forgiveness exists. No one will allow me to truly move forward and I’m just so very tired of the struggle.
Love and blessid be to all.

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