I Am Thor, The Lion!


  1. Thanks for the reblog, Patty! My darling little angels! LOL 🐾

    1. Good morning GrannyMoon.

      You’re very welcome for the reblog. I enjoyed reading that very much.

      Prince Edward has no playmate because I dare not get another cat so close to returning to The Seeing Eye for a successor guide but there is always the future. 😊

      “Hello? Hello! Prince Edward here, what is this about another cat? It’s bad enough there are rumors floating about the palace concerning the eminent arrival of a dog, and not just any small dog who might be brought into submission but a dog which comes from the most revered homeland of King Campbell himself. And I purrsonally think that’s quite enough to be getting on with thanks.”

      Oh dear. Sorry about that, he tends to leap on the keyboard and write without permission often.


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