I Am!: Changing My Life #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #ReadingWithTheAuthors #What’sUp #WordPressWednesday

I Am!: Changing My Life #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #ReadingWithTheAuthors #What’sUp #WordPressWednesday

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Blessid Be!

MARCH 17, 2021


I Am! Changing My Life!

Over the past week, I’ve reread the book, Wishes Fulfilled Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Wayne Dyer. After finishing it, I sought out one of the meditations spoken of in the book. As it turned out, when I went hunting on Apple Music for the meditation, I found there were several he’d created and after previewing them and thinking about just what I needed and wanted for myself, downloaded one.

For the past two days, about mid-day when I started lagging in energy, I would stop work, settle in my comfy chair with kitty and water, and do the 20-minute meditation exercise.

This morning, when my feet hit the floor, I decided I must kick the manifestation up a notch. So, after I’d fed his majesty, and gathered my clothes from atop the dryer where everything lives after it is folded, I made my way to the bathroom for a long, hot, cleansing shower.

During the shower, I prayed. I prayed for my daughter and her family as storms threaten their area. I prayed for all my friends and loved ones who I know are going through hard times. I prayed for our world leaders, those I agree with and those I don’t. And finally, I opened myself fully to Mother Father God and asked for divine guidance, protection, and healing as I readied myself to go to take my COVID-19 Vaccine.

I pushed all doubt from my mind about it and embraced the healing and protection I knew it would bring. I recited “I Am Love. I am Healing, I am Protected.”

As I finished showering, I proclaimed, “I am surrounded by a blanket of magik which envelopes me with love, healing and protection. I am filled with Spirit, White Light and Love.”

After dressing, I went into the kitchen and rather than making my first cup of coffee for the day, I took my King Campbell mug and filled it with hot water, pealed an orange, and putting the segments into the cup I said, “I infuse my body with love, light, healing, protection and prosperity. For I know, there is no part of my life which does not belong to the Goddess. There is no part of my body which does not belong to the Goddess. I am she and she is me. We are one yet we are we. So! Mote it be! Blessid Be! Amen!”

Taking my cup, I went into the living room, and after calling Sweet Eddy to me I settled into the chair, drank a bit of my healing brew and begin my meditation.

As I went through the affirmations, I focused on all the specifics I wanted to draw intent to. I focused on all the improvements in my life I wanted to make, and I made certain when speaking each affirmation, I thought only of what I wanted to accomplish and how I wanted to heal in a final way from my past and come happily into the now and make way for the future wonders to come.

As I did this, one affirmation leapt out at me. As I repeated, “I know there are treasures waiting to be discovered from the anguish of my past.” I was filled with a euphoria like nothing previously known in my life. I wanted to cheer and so I did. Clapping my hands, I decreed, “I’ll write my memoirs and I am a best-selling author! I am helping others realize they too can overcome the monstrosities living in the recesses of their heart!”

Just as those words left my mouth the next affirmation declared, “I understand I have things to do, gifts to give and purposes to accomplish. I know I must allow my full strength to do this!

At that moment, I knew I had stepped onto the next portion of the path I must walk, and I raised myself to a higher consciousness. I was lifted to a new level of awareness. The feeling was and remains glorious for when I finished the meditation and grounded myself by eating each segment of orange left in the bottom of the cup I declared, “I know I am alive, because I can look behind me and see the wreckage of my life.” This filled me with such ecstatic joy I leapt out of my chair and snatching up a startled Eddy, danced round the room.

Soon, Eddy was purring whilst riding round on my shoulder and just as he was secure in the knowledge, I wouldn’t drop him, so was I secure in the knowledge that everything in my life was just as it should be and before me was a glorious pathway to walk. I knew along that pathway there might be a few obstacles to overcome but I also knew I would be given all I needed to do so!

I allowed this euphoria to wash over and through me and I sealed myself in a brightly shining cocoon of energy which from here forward goes with me wherever I go, protects me from all harm and draws forth nothing but loving possibility.

I Am, Love! I Am, Life! I Am, Healing! I Am, Prosperity!

I Am! All that I Am!

I invite you to cast your cares to your higher power and embrace the I Am of life!

From the National Library Services for the Blind and Print Disabled…

Wishes fulfilled: mastering the art of manifesting DB74595

Dyer, Wayne W. Reading time: 6 hours, 51 minutes.

Read by Jack Fox. A production of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress.

Psychology and Self-Help



Christian self-help author relates his belief that you can achieve your deepest wishes through faith and alignment with God. Asserts that with God all things are possible and offers examples from his own and others’ lives of people realizing their higher selves. Bestseller. 2012.

Official Website for Dr. Wayne Dyer

“I Love You! I Bless You! Have a Wonderful Day!”

“May Harmony find You! Blessid Be!”


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  1. […] I Am!: Changing My Life #AuthorsThey’reOnlyHuman #ReadingWithTheAuthors #What’sUp #WordPressWedn… […]

    1. So grateful for the reblog.

  2. I can see you dancing about with the Princely Cat on your shoulder – what fun. Isn’t it good to be joyful and to express your joy during the day – I like to do this, too. I being my day using Ephesians 6 – I do as Paul said, “Put on the Armor of God.” I go through each step and I stand and say it out loud – and what a difference there is between a day with the Armor in place and a day that I forgot to do it. I’ve been spending time in the Book of Ephesians since the beginning of this year – so wonderful to spend my morning with my Creator.

    1. Hello Lynda.

      That scripture is one which Dr. Dyer refers to in his book. He talks about how we must put a protective shield around ourselves from all the negativity we’re bombarded with each day.

      He also has a lot of other scripture containing Paul’s writings as well as many other. This is one of those books, I reread from time to time and with each rereading I learn something new.

      I’ve downloaded several others from him as well.

      Someone told me he had passed away. I need to look that up. He was is a great man and his testimony and teachings are so powerful. I am getting ready to purchase his documentaries and movies as well. I want some of his lectures too.

      I hope some day I can be as helpful to the world at large as he has been over the years.

      He came from meager beginnings. Was in fact an orphan. But it sure didn’t dampen his spirit or relationship with God.

      As to the cheerfulness. I am at times so overcome by spirit that it simply must come out or else I will explode. Dancing round the house is such fun!

      I have been known to dance right out of the house and into the yard.

      One day I got so happy with it I danced right down the walk and ended up on the bus rolling round spreading joy!

      Prince Edward is taking a nap.

      Thanks for reading and letting me know you did.

      PPS. I’m wearing the necklace you made for me. It holds such power I felt I could not go wrong wearing it to get my vaccine.

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