Hurt Feelings, and the Bounce Back

Hurt Feelings, and the Bounce Back

Good morning everyone! Here’s hoping everyone has a fabulous day, and that if you’re in the cold front areas of the US that you’re warm. This morning I’d like to tell you about something that happened to me yesterday, and how I dealt with it.

First of all let me just put up a disclaimer… I believe that everyone has the right to believe in whatever faith they choose. What I do not believe is that you A) have the right to shove it down other’s throats and I do not believe that you should hurt others in the name of your faith. I do not judge, but what happened to me yesterday is the very reason I walked away from all mainstream Christianity. This post is not meant to offend, but it will be graphic, and it will have strong language. That having been written, let us continue…

Yesterday morning while I was reading FB posts I came upon three or four posts quite literally in a row that said something to the effect of “copy and paste this post to your timeline if you don’t I know you’re not my friend” Well I do not like that, I think that is emotional blackmail and I also believe that if you need someone to copy and paste a post to prove your friendship status you are a shallow person. I do not think that is necessary what so ever, and if that is all I have to go on to show someone is my friend I have more insecurity issues than I thought. I ask people to share posts. You’ve seen me do that right here, but you’re never going to see me say that if you don’t you’re not my friend.

Then I ran upon a game being played by some friends on FB and it too asked for the player to copy and paste the post. Now, it did not have the line about someone’s not being a friend if it wasn’t done, but still I made a comment about folks putting up posts concerning copying and pasting. Well, the owner of that timeline got his panties all in a snit. Said some really hateful things, one thing led to another and pretty soon we were having an issue. I was going to simply let it go until… I went back onto FB later, and saw in my notifications that a comment had been made on a comment on a post I’d dictated while my phone battery was going dead, the post had been garbled, and I did not know. They were saying all kinds of hateful and hurtful things about me. Laughing at me and calling me names. All of these people profess to be “Christians” Somehow what they said hurt and angered me and so I let them know they’d been seen, and what I thought. I am sad to say, that they had no desire to apologize, nor to understand why the post had looked like it did. ONe thing led to another, and I am ashamed to say I think I might have broken the record for the line “Go fuck yourself” being written. I really let them push my buttons, and allowed them to make me behave in a really bad way.

Now, normally such an event would have had me in tears, going to bed for the day, and tossed into a three day long depression. However, rather than doing that, I dried my tears, and went out with a group of friends to the bristol Motor Speedway In Lights
When I was picked up by my friends from the Friendship Connection Peer Support Center around three O’clock or so I told them what had happened. I talked about how badly it hurt, and even explained a bit about my faith. Everyone was receptive, loving, and kind. They soon had me laughing, and feeling a bit better.

Once at the speedway we had such a great time, I’d soon left my sadness far behind, and found that it really did not matter so much what those people said about me.

When I returned home later in the evening, as I was getting ready for bed, it dawned on me how much better I’d dealt with that incident compared to past events. I realized that while I have miles and miles to go before I sleep where my mental illness and depression are concerned, I’d come a whole lot further along with it than I thought. I felt proud of myself, and as I dozed off to sleep a bit later I felt happy healthy, and a little more whole. Realizing that even though I did allow them to anger me, and that I did allow them to push my buttons, I did not allow them to ruin the rest of my day.

Well, that’s the end of my tale, but before I go, let me ask a question.

Q) What word do you see used here in relation to my actions concerning what was said and done?

A) Allow…

No one can force us to feel or do anything. We Allow…

Until next time this is Patty and Campbell AKA Bubba the ever AWESOME Seeing Eye Dog saying…
May harmony find you, be kind to others, don’t let the world push your buttons, and blessid be.

Patty L. Fletcher Bipolar At Large…

To see more information concerning the Friendship Connection Peer Support Center as well as other mental health care visit

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