Howdy! Made It Through the Morning

Howdy! Made It Through the Morning

Howdy again!
Well, I got through a whole morning.
I managed to write a couple posts, reblog a few more, and get through some bumpy spots on FB and I’ve still got at least part of my sanity. LOL!

Now, it is afternoon, I’ve had a good lunch, provided by Meals On Wheels, who some would say is not all that much and others would say probably is not all that healthy.

I’d say to an extent they’d be right. I’d also say they’d be wrong, because while it’s not huge, it’s a meal, and I’m full, and while it’s not the greatest food, I’m well, full.

I’m working on being more and more grateful, and less and less complaining.

I simply think that to be ungrateful is the worst thing on planet, and since I’ve been through all I’ve been through over this last year I’m learning to be grateful for the very smallest things.

I quite literally sit every day and count blessings.

I count things like my home, my food, little though it is. I count big things like having Campbell, and being able to get up in the morning, and care for myself, when there was a time not so long ago when I could not, and I could keep going and going and going.

I think a constant attitude of gratitude is absolutely one-hundred percent necessary and to be any other way is counter-productive.

The comments above were posted to my email list, and now I’m going to elaborate a bit.

Earlier this morning I posted a post about having lost my cool, my harmony as it were.

I wrote about someone who was unnecessarily ungrateful, and I wrote of how, no matter how little I have I’m grateful for it.

I posted this on FB and someone blasted me telling me how food bank food was unhealthy, how it caused more problems at times than it helped.

They listed things like weight issues, and all sorts of stuff.

I got to tell you it was all I could do to keep my temper in check.

Yes, it’s not the greatest foods that those food banks have sometimes.

However, it beats all hell out of being hungry, and if I could get to those food banks on the mass transit I’d be going when I was eligible to go because I am not too proud to have some of those canned things, and I can take beans mixed veggies, and pasta and I can make a fine soup or stew out of them.

I can maybe trade some snack foods with someone who maybe has an extra can of something I need because they might not like that, but they might have a small child that would enjoy a box of snack cookies.

I can volunteer my time to help pay my way.

I could make one-hundred lists of ways that I would benefit from a food bank.

My biggest trouble? Knowing where those places are in relation to the bus stops.

Oh, I get a ton of posts from folks saying, “I’ll take you. call me if I can help.”

Call those folks, and would you not guess? Every-time and I do mean every-time I do they’ve got this or that going on, and the truth of the matter those same folks wouldn’t be caught dead inside or near a food bank. Someone might think badly of them.

Yes folks, I’m frustrated today, but I’m also damned glad to be alive to be frustrated, and right this moment in time I’m full, I have a snack for later, and for today I’m good.

Yes, I’m stressed. Yes I’m tired of living this way, but I’m alive to work toward improving my circumstances, and even though I’ve little, it is mine and I owe no one for nothing I have, and I’m making my way, hard though it might be, and I need not feel guilty or bad about how that’s happening.

Tomorrow when I get up, I will go to The Oasis For Women. A women’s center here in our area, and I will begin to work toward finding lasting solutions to some of the issues I have going on.

I will attend a devotional class, and I will maybe make a new friend.

I will be one step closer to improving my situation because I’m not too proud to accept myself right where I am and admit that I’m in a mess, and need help to once and for all clean up said mess.

I am determined, and I will survive.

King Campbell will walk right by my side to do these things, loving me every step of the way.

To those who would complain about food bank, or Meals On Wheels food, this is what I’ll say…

You’ve obviously never been really hungry. You’ve obviously never been really cold, or really frightened that you might wake up tomorrow and not have a place to call home.

I will also say that while it might do you a bit of good to feel just a bit of fear, I won’t wish it on you because it is a horrible place to find yourself in, and before anyone goes tossing judgment at me, let me just say, I am well aware that part of the reason I am in this spot is of my own making, but the why is no longer important, it is the what am I going to do about it? That is.

Well, folks, that’s all I’ve got to say on this subject for now.

So, until next time, this is Patty, who is finding her center, and grounding herself once again, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who is snoring, and waiting on the next thing to happen saying…
May harmony find you, thanks for helping me find it, and blessid be.

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