How To Choose A Crystal

How To Choose A Crystal

As I was reading this wonderfully written article, I was reminded of a stone someone gave to me once.
It had the wrong kind of energy attached to it for me.

I never knew whether the person who got it for me intentionally charged it so, or if the stone simply picked up their energy and transferred it to me.

Either way, it made me quite ill.

Even after I’d cleansed it, the stone was wrong for me.

One day a friend came in and immediately picked up that stone. “It’s beautiful! It just sings!”
They were obviously meant for it, and it for them.
I gave it to them with my blessing. To this day they love it.

Odd, how something like that could happen, but it sure did.

Make certain to read, and follow carefully the article’s instructions, and blessed be.

Source: How To Choose A Crystal


  1. Patti, I found your blog today and was so delighted to find you and your articles on the Crystals. I have the Crystal Bible and it is here in my office – I consult it often. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Crystals and have all my life. On my desk, two specaial ones – a large oval piece of soft green jade and two magnetic Hematite stones that are held together by the life forces in them. Just AWESOME.
    Anyway, I look forward to reading more on your blog in the future. Happy Writing! Lynda Lambert

    1. Hi Lynda, glad you found the blog, and that you liked what you found.
      Please note, I’ll be on the Branco Broadcast tonight, talking about my experiences as a blind patient.
      The article with call in info is here on the site.
      Please let me know if you’ve any issues navigating the blog.

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