How Are You At Following Instructions: Mindfulness and Multi-Tasking

How Are You At Following Instructions: Mindfulness and Multi-Tasking

How Are You At Following Instructions: Mindfulness and Multi-Tasking


Patty L Fletcher

January 2016

***DISCLAIMER***!!! This piece is not a complaint nor is it a criticism. It is simply an observation and a curiosity to me. Please read with an open mind. I may write more on this subject as time goes on.



How are you at following instructions? All of us probably think we can follow basic instructions pretty well. I know I have a bit of OCD so for me instructions are important patterns and routines are a must in my world. I find I do much better if I know exactly what it is that people expect from me and don’t like folks who are prone to changing the rules all the time. When things are organized around me I do well. Although I have some trouble keeping things that way at times. Just today I heard a report on a disorder that someone else had similar to mine that causes the same need and trouble meeting said need. 

I have found over the last few months however that many people do not follow instructions as they’re written. I don’t know if this problem stems from a reading comprehension problem, an attention issue, or the lack of ability to simply do as one is asked.

I didn’t know this was such an issue for some, until I became the producer owner and publisher of The Neighborhood News Monthly Online Magazine. I began my journey in to the world of writing in April of 2014 and now also publish a monthly magazine.  In April of 2015 and am enjoying great success with it, but I find when I send out notes requesting information and give instructions on how it is to be disseminated very few can follow through as directed. I do not understand this issue and hope to learn something about why this is in the future.

This is not a complaint mind you just something that I observe.

I wrote a piece on mindfulness when the news and literary Ezene was first being created, and we only got through a portion of what I’d hoped would be a great lesson, why? Because people never responded. Some of this is due to lack of interest but some of this is due to being over taxed, over stimulated and having too much to try and process. I believe that is the  main trouble when it comes to following directions. To put it bluntly we simply have too damned much going on at one time. LOL!

It is my  hope to raise a bit of mindfulness awareness, and help us all to “Stop Think, Then Act.”

Have a great day from all here in the Campbell Kingdom.

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