Hope After Adversity by Abbie Johnson Taylor #FridayFunReads #ReadingWithTheAuthors #Fiction

Hope After Adversity by Abbie Johnson Taylor #FridayFunReads #ReadingWithTheAuthors #Fiction


Given my experience with my late husband Bill, who was partially paralyzed by two strokes, I don’t think this book accurately portrays paralysis. Granted, in the hospital, the author shows Margaret learning to use a transfer board to move from her bed to her wheelchair, and she touches on how Margaret learns to perform certain tasks through physical and occupational therapy. But once Margaret is discharged from the hospital, other than a ramp being built to allow her easy access to her parents’ house, no mention is made of grab bars or other equipment she needs to help her accomplish daily living tasks.

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Hope After Adversity #FridayFunReads #Fiction #Inspiration

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